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    Default Magic Candle Disk Problems

    Anyone remember the issue with Mindcraft's Magic Candle Disks?

    I found a letter from them on that manner, might interest some of you:

    To registered owners of "The Magic Candle" (C164/128 Version)

    Specific loading instructions for C64/128 version 1.11:

    Dear customer,

    The enclosed disk set replaces the current version you are using. Although many of the problems reported to us were taken care of in our previous upgrades (version 1.8, 1.9 ,1.10) there were still several problems existing.

    (1) Version 1.9 had difficulty in properly loading dungeons off of Disk #2/#3

    (2) Players were repoting trouble on versions 1.9 and 1.19 with reading dungeon signs (as in Dermagud for example).

    (3) With version 1.10 there existed a problem in saving characters which had 99 of one item. The items would be lost if the game was restarted.

    * All of the above problems have been corrected with this version. This version also corrects the problems that existed in pre-1.10 versions. If you are experiencing other difficulties this version should also correct those. Anyone experiencing further problems please contact Mindcraft Customer Support at (213) 320-5215.


    The following step-by-step instructions will allow you to bring your party across to this new version and continue the game.

    1. Boot the game using your OLD disk #1/#4, and choose "RESTART". Make sure the files you choose to restore from is the one you want to bring across to the new version.

    2. Wait until the game is restored to the save position. Insert the back side (Disk #4) of your NEW disk in the dirve and choose the "QUIT" option. Save the game.

    3. Power down your machine, then power up again. Insert your NEW Disk #1 and boot. Choose "RESTART" at the prompt. You are now ready to continue playing with the new version.

    If you have any problems, please call Mindcraft customer support at (213) 320-5215 during pacific-time business hours.

    Thank you for all your support.

    Mindcraft Software, Inc.

    NOTE: When saving games do not use the CLR HOME key as this may result in damage to some or all of the save games. If saved game name was typed incorrectly, resave again under the correct name.

    2341 205th Street
    Suite 102
    Torrance, California 90501
    FAX 213-320-1522

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    Default Re: Magic Candle Disk Problems

    Also this:

    Notes for "The Magic Candle" (C64/128 Version):

    Version 1.11

    From many Commodore users we have discovered that the built-in fast load features in the Magic Candle has caused some problems (game freezes in random locations). These problems appear to come from errors in reading the Magic Candle disks.

    This new version of The Magic Candle allows you to disable the fast loader. If you do not have a fast load cartridge, it will ask you whether or not you wish to use programmed fast load. If you answer "Yes" to this built in feature and experience problems, try answering "No" to the prompt when restarting the game. If you still are experiencing problems even when the programmed fast load feature isn't being used, please give us a call.



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