I've added some Commodore 64/128 games to our online museum.

RarityGuide.com Museum: Vintage Computing Commodore 64/128

Games include:

C64 Bounder by Mastertronic
C64 Butcher Hill by Mastertronic
C64 California Raisins by Box Office
C64 Mediator by Celery Software
C64 Echelon by Access
C64 Microsoft Multiplan by Epix
C64 Felony by CBS Software
C64 BC's Quest for Tires/Grog's Revenge by Gameware
C64 BMX Trials/Day After Back by Mastertronic
C64 Kane/Human Race by Gameware/Mastertronic
C64 Wiztype/Wizmath Gameware/Impulse Software
C64 GEOS by Berkeley Software
C64 Fun House by Hi Tech Expressions
C64 Las Vegas Video Poker by Mastertronic
C64 Magic Candle by Mindcraft
C64 Master Chess by Entertainment USA
C64 Masters of Time by Cosmi
C64 Mental Blocks by Avantage
C64 Micro League Wrestling
C64 Pecos Pete/Pipeline 2 by Mastertronic
C64 Snake Byte by Sirius
C64 Solo Flight by Microprose Flight Simulator
C64 Spatial Billiards/Casino by Gameware/Tri-Micro
C64 Super Huey by Cosmi Helicopter Flight Simulator
C64 Tic Tac Show by Advanced Ideas
C64 Touchfown/10 Pin by Gameware/Tri-Micro
C64 Z-Pilot by Spinnaker