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    Brain Whether to sell now or keep?

    I'm new to this forum, I have recently gained two Nintendo game and watch consoles. Currently they are valued at around 120. There is one 1988 super Mario bros widescreen loose and one 1982 snoopy tennis wide screen loose. They are somewhat sentimental and I am planning to use the money for a keepsake and therefore I don't want to sell them for a small amount. I don't know whether to save them for a number of years as I don't know whether they would gain or loose value. As I have no experience whatsoever I thought I'd try to reach out to someone with more expertise.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Whether to sell now or keep?

    I've been collecting since I started gaming in 92, the economy for gaming is growing with a vengeance at the moment and old classic games have increased 300 percent in some cases since 2005. I would recommend if you enjoy having them and don't need the money keep them they'll hold their value and most certainly increase. Think of it this way as long as you keep it in its present condition the value will not diminish because they will never make that same object again thus its rarity will persist. That being said the generation that enjoyed that object wont be around forever so the value won't remain indefinitely unless your into antiques. Personally I wasn't around when those were popular, but I would still appreciate having something like that, because it relates to the games I enjoyed as a kid.



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