Afghan antique silver pendant in filigree and granulation technique with coral and carnelian inlay and a turquoise (glass?) setting.

This is a traditional Afghan Turkoman design for a pendant. They are usually made circular or oval, often forming a box or locket, or imitating that shape as in the case of this pendant. The center is raised as if it were a container, but the back is not closed as it is in Turkoman pieces from Turkmenistan.

This is the Kazakh style of pendant. It was once gold-washed, but the gilt has mostly disappeared, leaving a very appealing patina. The inlay is natural old rose coral, original to the piece. The carnelian is an unfinished but smooth stone, also original. The blue glass piece has been replaced in recent times.

The chain is modern silver plated gun-metal finish, 24 inches long.

Weight: 2.5 ozs. Diameter: 3.5in