i have a bunch of taped together bills passed down to me from my grandfather. he collected them during his service in ww2 and had some of his friends sign the bills and write little notes on them. I would like to know the estimated value of these bills and how to go about selling them. They arent in awesome condition.. none of them are torn or anything and you can see everything written on them they are just worn.
here are what the bills are:

-small square ten sen military currency with no date, it just says series 100 with a huge capital B.

-this second one is the only one that is hard to read.. the only date i can really find on it is it looks like 1942. it says emergency note and municipality of guyo. there is a lot of other writing on it as well. it has a big one written across it.

-the third one is a 1936 central bank of china ten yuan

-the fourth says philippines one peso with victory written across the back. i cant seem to find any other day besides the one on top where it says "by authority of an act of the philippines legislature approved by the president of the united states june 13, 1922

- the fifth just says the japanese government ten pesos with no date.

- the sixth say een with a one in the middle, dated 1943 the rest i cant really read its in deutsch maybe?

-seventh is commonwealth of australia ten shillings...also no date.

-eighth is a five dollar bill with a hawaii written across the back. series of 1934 a

- last one is a two dollar bill series of 1928 d

any help with any of these bills would be amazing thank you so much!! email me at molleeviola@live.com