In 1991 I owned a large used movie and game distributorship. I was referred to Vince Perri to see about buying a new game called ACTION 52. I went to Miami to meet him and see the game. Long story short, I did not buy the game, but I did wind up with a prototype copy. It came with the usual box, a plastic sleeve (that did not have the Active logo embossed on it) and the instructional manual, game list and Cheetahmen comicbook. This is the only one like it I have ever seen.
The differences in the production games and this one are :

PROTOYPE: blue motherboard, paper label and and the motherboard DOES NOT have the usual two capacitors?? in the upper right hand corner.

PRODUCTION: green motherboard, painted label and the motherboard has the two capacitors?? in the upper right hand corner of the motherboard.

Has anyone else seen this early version or do I have something unique?