I am on fire lately... I just keep outdoing myself in what I find and to what extent I find it. At the flea market, the old deaf guy had some new
Gamecube games so thought I would look through them. I picked up a super nice Smash Bros- Melee complete for 5.00

At the yard sales today, a guy had a stack of NES games.

I looked through them and he told me 1.00 each or 5 bucks for the whole set. I felt so bad for him I gave him 10 for the set. It had LOZ and Faria in
really nice condition in it. He must have been pretty happy b/c he asked if I play sega genesis. I told him no but was looking for stuff. He reached over
and pulled out a green tub with about 40 games in it. He said the whole tub was 5.00 if I wanted it. Unfortunately for him.... it had TMNT Tournament
Fighters, TMNT Hyperstone Heist, Double Dragon, Two Crude Dudes, every Sonic game that came out on Sega Genesis and tons of cheap stuff in there.