My ultimate video game treasure hunt find this past week:

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne for 1.50

The Pawn Shop near us has thousands of ps 1 and 2 games piled up that they got for like 1.00 each and never bothered to look at. This one was matched with another plain ps 1 game in a dual sided cd case holder with 40 other regular games on top of it.

While that will probably the best I come across for a long time (hopefully not), I did luck out on several others there at the store as well:

*** Romance of the Three Kingdoms X (ps 2) that was CIB and near mint for 2.50
*** The Warriors (ps 2) was CIB and near mint except regular scraches on disc that were cleaned for 2.50
*** Klonoa 2 - this was a disc only that was covered in stickers

*** The woman who owned the store gave me Command & Conquer: Red Alert CIB for free. She didnt want to have to look it up or
figure out where it came from/what shelf, etc. LOL