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    Fish A Couple of Awesome Finds From the Last Few Months.

    Hey guys! First thread, first post, so I might not be the best here right now, but I digress.

    I've recently been to quite a few flea markets and garage sales looking for games, and I gotta say, I'm proud of myself :P

    So, I went to one garage sale who looked like they had absolutely nothing. I went all the way to the back to find a un-yellowed SNES with an original controller, all the cords, and two games: Mortal Kombat III and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. All in almost mint condition. I noticed that the SNES itself had a sticker that said "$2" on it. The games, controllers, and cords had nothing on them. So I asked if it was all of it for $2. And it was a yes. So I got a SNES, 1 rare-ish game, 1 common game, controller, and cords for $2.

    I then went to a community yard sale earlier this week, and no one had anything. I'm serious, it was mostly baby toys. But there was one garage sale that didn't look promising whatsoever. He had a big box full of DVD's. $1 for each. I dug around in there and found a couple DVD's I already have, but the last thing I pull out is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Gamecube. Me being the little TMNT fan I am already got excited. It was still in the box, the disc was nearly spotless, and the manual was still in there. So I bought it from him for $1. I came back home after this to play the rather disappointing game.I looked on this site anyway to find that CIB, it's $15. Awesome, right?

    Lastly, I went on eBay one day to find all the NES TMNT games and 2 Nintendo Power magazines for 2 of the games, one game with the manual, for $4 including shipping.


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    Default Re: A Couple of Awesome Finds From the Last Few Months.

    It sounds like you cleaned up pretty good there! Anytime vintage game hunting goes good, it usually goes REALLY good or its a complete bust in my opinion. Besides, any yard/garage sale you walk away from with a LOZ- Link to the Past is an incredibly great haul- by anyones standards!!

    I've gotten to the point where if things I'm looking for doesnt have a high enough rarity or $$ value I probably won't pick them up b/c I don't want a ton of this stuff piled up everywhere. There is a pawn shop about 30 min from our house that has 1,000's of ps 1 and 2 games piled up they never look through.

    This past week I grabbed these:

    1) The penultimate of the trip: I grabbed a Misadventures of Tron Bonne for 1.50 total
    2) The 2nd runner up: I grabbed a Romance Of The Three Kingdoms X that was CIB and near mint for 2.50 (ps 2)
    3) The 3rd: I got a Mobil Suit Gundam: Encounters In Space that was CIB and near mint for 2.50 (ps 2)

    Some other noteworthy's:
    ** Nightmare Creatures disc for 1.00
    ** Marvel Super Heroes (ps 1) for 1.00 but the scratches in it were irrepairable and it was a lost battle here!
    ** Command & Conquer: Red Alert was CIB and really clean for 1.50
    ** I found a Klonoa 2 but it was disc only and it had stickers all over it- good for a working copy I suppose
    ** Hot Wheels: turbo racing and Jersey Devil.... but I only found the discs for them

    They have a CIB Blood Will Tell there for 2.50 that I still need to pick up this week, hopefully tomorrow. Just got to keep digging and digging and digging. That guy that sold me Misadventures... I can't believe I had a straight face when I went up to the counter, I almost shat myself.... well it was between that and telling him I would buy him/his wife dinner if he ever found the inserts/manual for that game by chance!



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