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    Default Finds from the past few months

    Granted none of these finds are on the level of finding a copy of stadium events sealed for $10 or getting 5 sealed copies of bubble bath babes for $25 apiece, I've gotten some pretty sweet deals in the past 6 months. Here's just a few of them.

    .Hack Quarantine, .Hack Mutation, .Hack Redemption, .Hack Outbreak, Shadowhearts from the New World, Shadowhearts Covenant all cib for under $100 (Quarantine alone sells for $80 minimum complete on ebay, has reached as high as $120; others are worth between $25 and $50)

    Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (xbox), Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (ps1), and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GCN) all complete for $20. (Op Genesis sells for between $75-120 on ebay, has been going up since then; Jojo sells for $30; Fire Emblem sells for between $50-75)

    Mega Man X2 w/manual for $30 (sells for $100+)

    Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 complete for $8 (sells for $40)

    Those are just a few of the good deals I've made. I dug around my basement and also found some pretty hardcore collector stuff. I found the box and manual to Mega Man 6, Pokemon Red Version, Pokemon Yellow Version, Mario Party, Goldeneye, Castlevania 64, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Collector's Edition, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Collector's Edition, and several other games. I also found manuals to Super Mario RPG, Mario Party 2, Quest 64, and several other games.

    I have a rule in buying games. If I want it for my personal enjoyment, I'll pay whatever price it takes to get that game. If it is strictly for my collection, then I enforce a $15, $20, or 30% rule. If the game is worth under $20, I'll buy it for half the true value, or walk. If the game is worth between $20-40, I will buy it for $15 or more under true value, or walk away. If the game is worth between $40-75, I'll buy it if the price is $20 or more under true value, or walk away. If the game is worth over $75, I'll buy it if the price is listed at least 30% less than true value (could be more or less depending on the rarity, could also be 20% for a game like Stadium Events), or walk away. With that system, I will never lose money. And if I can buy a game and know that I can flip it for a quick profit easily, then it will be bought, no matter the cost.

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    Default Re: Finds from the past few months

    I'm starting to drool and become very envious here. A Jurassic Park Operation Genesis? craziness...that probably made your entire week didnt it? That is a super nice addition to anyones collection and its expensive as crap!

    Recently I started doing those Storage Unit sales and auctions. Happened to pick up some surprising strange things.

    a minty Resident Evil 2/War of the Monsters/Destroy all Humans/Rampage Total Destruction/Metal Arms group all CIB except Destroy All Humans missing manual for 24.00

    Then I went back because they guy didnt know what he had for sale and picked up an XBOX Godzilla Save The Earth CIB for 5.00. I happen to catch my eye on a XBOX Conker Live & Loaded he had there CIB as well so will be back tomorrow for another 5.00 investment!

    Those expensive XBOX games.. I kind of hate to get rid of them. They are so expensive CIB than they make a super nice addition to a collection even if you dont collect XBOX games(which I am part of).

    Now that Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3... that is an interesting one you mention there. I have seen that one in disc only form, but between this website guide being wrong sometimes I was never sure if the disc itself was worth buying for 2.50! From looking at Ebay's Sold Listings it is a definite keeper too!



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