Do you have an interesting or unique item you want to pawn? Do you have a great personality and story that you think should be featured on-air? A well established production company will be looking for people to participate in a pawn-based show where youre bringing in an item youre looking to pawn. Have a rifle from WWII your father used during the battle for Iwo Jima? Do you have a guitar signed by Elvis Presley? Maybe you own a limited edition car or maybe you have gold bricks from a sunken treasure ship. If its valuable, unique or rare wed love to hear about it.

Please reply to the following questions as best as you can in your email to us (please copy and paste then answer below each) along with 2-3 photos of yourself and 2-3 photos of your item.

Please email your response to


What are your age, location and profession? (e.g. John Smith, 43 years old, college football coach)

What is the item you want to pawn/sell? (Please give a brief physical description e.g. a railroad bond from the Santa Fe Railroad dated March 1873)

What is the condition of your item? (e.g. some wear, museum quality etc.)

What do you think your item is worth? (even if your item isnt worth much, but still has something unique or interesting about it, wed still love to hear about it)

What is the history of your item? (e.g. passed down from my great grandfather who worked on the railroad)

What makes your item standout from what others may have? (e.g. it has a certificate of authenticity; it was a gun used during the D-Day landing of WWII etc.)

Why should you be on our show?

If your friends were to describe you, what would they say?

Why do you need to pawn/sell your item?

What is your availability during the week/weekend?

When is the best time to contact you? Are you available to talk on the phone and if so when?

What is your contact information? (Name, phone number, email address, town/city and state)