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  1. can I sacrifice Glen Elendra Archmage from my hand?
  2. is Blightsoil Druid a forest?
  3. can Mystic Denial counter artifact creatures?
  4. can Scrapskin Drake block creatures with reach?
  5. Goblin Furrier what are snow creatures
  6. Regarding Flying and Nonflying.
  7. Abilities in riddle form?
  8. what powers does Kindercatch have?
  9. Phyrexian Vault can you sacrifice token?
  10. What are "Landwalk Abilities"
  11. what abilities does merfolk have?
  12. Mana Clash by opponent and Sylvan Echoes
  13. Venser's Diffusion what does suspended card mean?
  14. glimmerpost what is a locus mtg
  15. magic the gathering what happens when your hand is empty
  16. does deathtouch work on players
  17. does token creature type count mtg
  18. when 1/1 tokens die do they go to a gravyard
  19. magic the gathering does revive work for multicolored creatures
  20. magic the gathering attacking creatures directly?
  21. do planeswalkers tap to use abilities
  22. if i have no cards in my hand do i draw one in magic?
  23. can you use abilities while attacking in magic
  24. can i activate spells with no target
  25. jace the mind sculptor. how it works
  26. Can I attack a Garruk Relentless that I control?
  27. magic the gathering rules on how many cards you can have in your hand
  28. magic do i loose if i have no deck
  29. mtg how much life to win
  30. in the game magic the gathering does casting a creature count as a white spell?
  31. MTG do enchantments last if it remove?
  32. magic the gathering how to use a creature with no mana cost
  33. mtg -2/-2 kill creature?
  34. mtg do exiled cards lose counters
  35. can you play a land at any time during your turn
  36. can you use monstrr effectds during opponents turn magic the gathering
  37. an illusion creature can be blocked?
  38. how many max cards can u have in your hand for magic
  39. in magic if you have no cards in your hand how do you discard a card?
  40. when can creatures first use tap ability without haste?
  41. magic the gathering what do you do with an empty hand?
  42. magic the gathering can you target someone to discard a card if they have no cards in
  43. Coordinated Barrage can I choose manland
  44. Trapmaker's Snare whats a "Trap Card"?
  45. Can you put Ivory Mask on a Planeswalker
  46. Ageless Sentinels what does bird giant do? mtg
  47. when creature is exiled does it go through graveyard?
  48. can reduce life destroy an indestructible creature
  49. what if a creature is killed as it is enchanted
  50. what do the zombie tokens mean in magic cards?
  51. what do you do when you have no cards in your hand during magic the gathering
  52. can you direct a creatures attack in mtg at another creature instead of a player
  53. can a land be sacrificed as a permanent
  54. what happens if you block a 1/1 first strike creature with 2 1/1 creatures
  55. after exiling a creature does it come back tapped?
  56. if creature gets shroud what do you do with enchantments
  57. mtg do flying creatures tap when blocking ground creatures
  58. mtg can you use 2 of the same enchantments on one creature
  59. does -5/-0 kill the creature in mtg
  60. how does Possibility Storm work magic
  61. do undead creatures have summoning sickness
  62. Dark Confidant with double card who chooses
  63. whats the point of Prophetic Prism?
  64. mtg does sacrifice a creature need to be yours
  65. what happens if you exile a plainswalker
  66. can i use tappable abilities same turn as i summon
  67. do you always need seven cards in your hand magic
  68. can land and artifact land be payed in the same turn?
  69. in magicthe gathering how do you discard if you have no cards in your hand
  70. if i block and sacrifice a trample creature do i take damage
  71. does a creature the is regenerated ever go into the grave yard
  72. does double strike deal double damage to players
  73. can you activate an ability on a destroyed creature
  74. do llanowar elves have summoning sickness for land
  75. can you cast a card without declaring target magic
  76. does a creature have summining sickness after regeberation
  77. does the person who goes first in magic not draw a card?
  78. Do I win magic the gathering game if I make other player discard when he has no hand?
  79. how many times can a magic creature be exiled and brought back?
  80. what's the difference between basic land and nonbasic land?
  81. if a land become a creature is it a permanent?
  82. how many mana can you put down in a turn
  83. when can Cancel be used in Magic the Gathering
  84. when a creature dies, does the enchantment die
  85. when hand is gone how many cards to you draw
  86. if a creature has tap ability does it still have to attack
  88. how does summoning sickness work in a multigame
  89. how much damage does a 2/2 doublestrike do
  90. when i cast barbed field do i get mana mtg
  91. mtg can a 1 1 be blocked by two creatires
  92. how many times can you attack on one turn in magic
  93. Can creature with shroud decloak?
  94. how many creatures allowed on the ground in mtg
  95. how much life do you have to gain to win in magic the gathering?
  96. can a creature be regenerated if destroyed by an instant
  97. Does regenerate creature come in the summoning sickness
  98. what is the the bottom number on a planeswalker
  99. what if you run playing magic the gathering
  100. when you attack with an equipped creature does the equipment tap too
  101. what happens when you run out of cards in magic in your library but not ur hand
  102. can a creature with reach and a creature without reach block a creature with flying
  103. can a creature with flying block a creature without flying
  104. do you have to have 7 cards at the end of each turn in magic
  105. what happens when i attack a flying card magic the gathering
  106. are there sites where they list matches in text format? not video?
  107. Rakdos Ringleader 4BR, 3/1 is Regerate neverending?
  108. How do you interpret Rootborn Defenses please?
  109. When blocking with creature/Centuar and Creature/Geist TRapper 'soulbound'.... ??
  110. if you have control of another persons monster whos graveyard does it go to
  111. New player; question on creature status as blocker
  112. whats this mean Green mana doesn't empty from your mana pool as steps and phases end
  113. what happens when a protection from white card blocks a protection from black
  114. if creature without first strike gets blocked by two 1st strike creatures what happen
  115. does creature lose attack when creature with battlecry dies
  116. how many cards do i draw when my hand is empty magic
  117. can you have to sacrifice a land to play a land
  118. if i block with 2 creatures how is damage mtg
  119. does ur golems eye stay in play after used?
  120. can a multi color card be counted as black
  121. deos predatory rampage taret your creatures
  122. how do you use planeswalker cards in magic
  123. if a card is exiled does it keep counters?
  124. are artifacts tapped when first played
  125. does summon sickness mean enter tapped
  126. can prohnitus be equipped with things
  127. if you exile a creature, does it die?
  128. when you exile a bloker what happens
  129. can you only have 4 non basic lands?
  130. can a creature be sacraficed twice
  131. mtg are character abilities spells
  132. 1/1 counter considered a permenant
  133. lush growth taps for how much mana
  134. mtg cryptborn horror explanation
  135. how to fight against annihalatir
  136. what does a colorless golem do?
  137. how does radha heir to keld work
  138. how many lands in deck
  139. can i use 2 skills of planeswaker
  140. Attacking a creature directly mtg
  141. can i make a planeswalker gain life?
  142. do you still pay for countered spell
  143. mtg how long do enchant creature last
  144. magic if my hand is full what do i do
  145. areland cards shared in magic the gathering?
  146. When a creature is exiled does it go away forever or does it come back later?
  147. can spirit monsters block flying monsters in magic
  148. is artifact a color
  149. can i regenerate a creature that i'm sacrificing?
  150. mtg is a player a permanent
  151. i forgot to draw on draw phase
  152. is evolving wilds considered mana?
  153. do equipments get exiled with creatures
  154. can you attack with a planeswalker?
  155. can flying.units block land units mtg
  156. do enchant creature go with a creature when exiled
  157. can chandras fury 4 damage to player be blocked by a creature?
  158. what happens when i play a taregt spell without a target
  159. what is the point of nivix aerie of the firemind
  160. mtg are creatures that are soulbound attack and block together
  161. can you play magic once you run out of cards?
  162. where can i find a book of how to play magic:the gathering
  163. can i regenerate a creature removed from game?
  164. if a land is a monster and a land does it die
  165. CAN PUBLIC Execution kill a 1/1 creature in mtg
  166. why does bonfire of the damned have two x?
  167. can a creature die from summoning sickness?
  168. in magic is magmaquake considered combat damage
  169. in magic the gathering what is a phylactery counter
  170. barter in blood i need to show which creatures i sacrifice
  171. mtg does library of leng mean you can have more than 7 cards
  172. how many turns does it take to win a magic the gathering game
  173. when enchanted creature is exiled, is enchantment exile with him?
  174. when enchanted creature is exiled, is enchantment exile with him?
  175. dragon hatchling how many times can ability be used each turn
  176. can you win magic if your life total goes above a certain point?
  177. mtg if block one creature with two do they both take damage?
  178. in magic is blocking one on one or can many creatures block one
  179. Are you always suppose to have 7 cards in your hand in magic?
  180. in magic can creatures with flying be blocked?
  181. can i have 5 of the same magic cards in a deck
  182. does llanowar elves work as forest? what happens to the forest llanowar elves makes?
  183. how long does end of turn mean in magic?
  184. mtg how many planeswalkers can you play with?
  185. what is the max number of fetch lands per deck?
  186. Can you use an instant against a creature with shroud
  187. do i still have to pay the costs if my spell is countered?
  188. when a creature is removed from the game does it go to the grave yard
  189. can i use a fetchland to get a land that is both a mountain and plains?
  190. 5/2 monster blocked by a 2/2 monster who wins in magic the gathering
  191. what happens when you attack with a creature with summoning sickness?
  192. when can you take a reshuffle in magic the gathering
  193. is land in magic the gathering considered color?
  194. bonfire of the damned how does double x work?
  195. how many duel lands can i have in a deck?
  197. how many creature cards are aloud on the battlefield in magic
  198. how many of the same card can be in a magic deck 2012
  199. how many colors are allowed in a magic deck?
  200. when you sacrifice a creature does it die or get exiled?
  201. can you put equipment opponents creatures
  202. how does a black 2/2 zombie creature token work
  203. can a card with reach attack a card with flying mtg
  204. How many cards do you draw after you run out of your hand?
  205. can you smelt artifact creature? magic
  206. is any card that produces mana a land?
  207. i have a hellkite Charger, can i destroy a creature rthat regenerates?
  208. magic how many cards of the same monster can you have in one deck?
  209. what does 2 x's and a mountain mean in magic the gathering?
  210. why do you lose game in magic gathering if you run out of cards?
  211. when you block with two creatures do they both take the same damage?
  212. Summoning Sickness questions
  213. if i make a player discard a card can he regenerate creature that has regenerate?
  214. creature with trample is blocked by small creature which is sacrificed?
  215. mtg can "target player" be yourself?
  216. how long does exile last magic the gathering
  217. does destroy all permanents destroy lands?
  218. in magic does countering kill the card?
  219. mtg two mythic rares on the battlefield?
  220. what is faster a sorcery or an ability?
  221. does wrath of god destroy both players creatures?
  222. mtg if u copy a creature do u copy its ability to?
  223. what happens when cathedral sanctifier enters battlefield when one already on field?
  224. can fuel for the cause counter spells already in the game?
  225. how to pair creatures with soulbond ability?
  226. can planeswalker be killed with doom blade?
  227. what does it mean to cast play eldrazi from outside the game
  228. do you still draw a card after descendents path?
  229. how do i get increasing savagery to graveyard?
  230. magic the gathering can i "sacrifice creature" from my hand?
  231. exile target creature you control then return that card to the battlefield what mean?
  232. does does Wurms Tooth work with creatures?
  233. can vedalken shackle take a man land?
  234. Wild Mammoth can I count creatures in my graveyard?
  235. Reverent Mantra can I exile plains?
  236. Oona's Prowler can other player mill me by activating ability many times?
  237. does a multi color card count as a green spell?
  238. are enchanments cast by opponent on creature i control under my control?
  239. do i or do i not lose game if i got zero cards in my hand? magic game
  240. Shauku, Endbringer and another creature on battlefield
  241. do i draw two cards if Mulldrifter is countered?
  242. Moonfolk offering how does it work Patron of the Moon
  243. why dismember in elf deck??
  244. what good is the ability of Withengar Unbound that gives you 13 counters after u win
  245. can creature move between graveyard and exile at will? magic
  246. Can defenders block more than one creature?
  247. Gutwrencher Oni lose game with no card to discard?
  248. can you use mana from lands to cast Horizon Drake or do you only use creature mana?
  249. Primordial Sage but creature spell is countered?
  250. Jackal Pup does "you" mean opponent or does it mean whichever player is causing dmg?