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  1. can planeswalkers be targeted with destroy
  2. magic the gathering- can you sacrifice something during combat
  3. Do you Draw a new hand when you run out of cards
  4. how much mana do you start with in magic cards
  5. does summoning sickness mean you cannot block
  6. mtg casting a creature count as a spell
  7. magic-can u bolck with a tapped creature
  8. magic the gathering can you attack a shrouded creature
  9. how many lands can i use in magic
  10. when do you draw a card in mtg
  11. magic card ability return to game
  12. can i block a creature with shroud
  13. magic the gathering is enchantment ability
  14. are land cards count as a color in magic the gathering?
  15. mtg where card goes graveyard
  16. magic when can u play creature abilities
  17. learn to play magic the gathering book
  18. magic add loyalty counters to planeswalker
  19. what if you run of out cards in your hand mtg
  20. do blocking creatures block
  21. how many mana card are you supposed to have in a deck
  22. mtg summoning sickness rule
  23. how many creatures can block one creature in mtg
  24. how EXACTLY landfall works
  25. can i play a land anytime
  26. magic the gathering how is damage dealt
  27. sacrafice during combat dmg in mtg
  28. how many creatures and how many lands should be in a magic deck
  29. mtg can you use a sacrifice ability on a tapped creature
  30. magic the gathering if you have no cards in deck you lose
  31. How many Fork are you allowed to have in your deck
  32. number of times you can use a creatures ability for mtg
  33. magic the gathering can u response your self
  34. can i use creature abilities when they are tapped mtg
  35. magic can you block 1 creature with 2 creatures
  36. 24 land magic
  37. magic the gathering creature without block
  38. mtg when does a spell resolve
  39. what is the best way to understand magic the gathering
  40. how many non basic lands can you have in a game
  41. what happens to a creature when you counter a creature spell
  42. during what phase do i play land
  43. indestructible creature can be sacrificed?
  44. sacrifice something with shroud
  45. how many spells should i have in my magic deck
  46. magic the gathering attacking and blocking rules
  47. how do planeswalker type cards work
  48. mtg can a tapped creature block
  49. magic graveyard destroy bury remove from game exile kill countered
  50. magic the gathering can a creature use ability on first turn
  51. is there a rule to how many rares you can have in magic
  52. are dual lands considered a permanent
  53. mtg red guide
  54. mtg is a countered creature removed from game
  55. magic faqs can u make a guy getting blocked have flying to get out of the block?
  56. if you cant discard a card do you lose the game?
  57. if you cant draw a card do you lose the game?
  58. what kind of deck is that?
  59. life gain
  60. can i tap on opponents turn
  61. what do I do if I have no lands to play on my first turn In magic?
  62. magic the gathering when can you not regenerate
  63. how many mythic cards can you have in your deck
  64. can u sacrifice a indistructable creature
  65. do -1/-1 counters affect planeswalkers
  66. vampire nighthawk can attack 2 creatures?
  67. defending with multiple creatuers magic
  68. how does attack planeswalkers work?
  69. does -1/-1 stop mtg indestructible
  70. if i run out of cards in library do i draw from top of graveyard or shuffle face down
  71. what happens when you copy a creature in magic the gathering
  72. mtg how to block
  73. how does ally work in magic the gathering
  74. What happens if i have no cards in my hand magic
  75. What happens if i have more then 7 cards in my hand magic
  76. how do shroud and equipment work magic the gathering?
  77. mtg copies of same card in battlefield
  78. Magic the gathering protection vs protection
  79. MTG How enchanting works
  80. Creature with trample blocking a creature with trample
  81. magic the gathering land colorless
  82. MTG can you play land anytime
  83. mtg who goes first
  84. mtg does defending cause a creature to tap
  85. can you tap a magic card without it having a tap effect
  86. mtg what if my blocker becomes tapped
  87. creatures with trample being blocked by creatures with protection of that color
  88. can you block multiple attacker in mtg
  89. creature abilities when tapped
  90. mtg i block and they tap my creature
  91. does foil spell count against 4 spell limit in deck
  92. is a control considered blocking
  93. sacrifice how many creatures mtg
  94. what does priority mean magic
  95. mtg rules priority planeswalker
  96. magic the gathering attacking and blocking
  97. mtg blocking with trample
  98. counter creature with protection
  99. can you have more than sixty cards in your mtg deck
  100. in mtg can you use a tapped creature ability
  101. number of creatures you want in a magic deck
  102. do cards count as tokens
  103. how many creatures can one creature block
  104. magic cards how does the protection rule work
  105. magic the gathering can you gain life
  106. -1 / -1 regenerate? mtg
  107. can i sac a creature at any time in mtg
  108. end of turn step what can i play
  109. MTG can traple be blocked by multiple creatues
  110. magic the gathering indestructible with conters on it
  111. mtg can you regenerate destroyed permanent
  112. Magic-Can you exile Indestructable
  113. best amount of cards to have in a magic the gathering deck
  114. how many legendary cards in a deck
  115. how many Mythic Rare in a deck magic
  116. how to put a 60 card deck together magic
  117. If my creatures are hurt in combat do they heal themselves or do i have to heal them
  118. can double negative counter one spell
  119. how many of one type of non-basic land may you control
  120. mtg can i block creatures with shroud
  121. destroy creature with regenerate mtg
  122. if a card says untap do i have to
  123. when someone counters my spell do i still have to pay for it?
  124. Where do you get more basic lands
  125. nice to read - control for new players
  126. which magic the gathering cards should i start with?
  127. maximum colors in deck
  128. how to use a planeswalker
  129. can you sacrifice a creature after it blocks
  130. can you tap a creature for an ability after you have blocked with it in magic
  131. how many times can you use creature ability in mtg
  132. magic the gathering how to use non basic land
  133. when can you secrifice a creature
  134. can you have the same card in your magic deck
  135. mtg converted mana cost
  136. assigning blocking damage multiple creatures magic
  137. mtg rules phase laying land
  138. Magic how to play videos
  139. Magic: The Gathering Resources for new players