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  1. mtg rules can flying block ground creatures?
  2. magic if it costs me mana to create a token is that its mana cost
  3. can cancel be cast on a creature in mtg
  4. how many times may a creature block in magic
  5. Convoke
  6. mtg does the player who goes first draw
  7. how much cards can i have in a one colour deck?
  8. tomb hex faq landfall
  9. how does suspend work magic
  10. can you tap creatures for mana in magic
  11. what happens when you die mtg
  12. can you tap to use two abilities magic
  13. magic can you destroy your own creatures
  14. magic the gathering why 7 card starting hand
  15. do i have to play both magic card assault and battery
  16. what does "from play" mean in magic the gathering
  17. what is the point of vigilance in magic
  18. what happens when a creature gets -1/-1? mtg
  19. mtg can creatures tap on my opponent's turn?
  20. magic all creatures equals target?
  21. magic the gathering do multi colored creatures count as color spells
  22. mtg invulnerable -1/-1 counter
  23. what are ally ability called ? mtg
  24. when you counter card does it go to graveyard or does it get to exiled
  25. how does the stack work mtg
  26. how does it work if 2 people control the same creature magic
  27. is artifact a color magic faq
  28. is goblin lackey considered a goblin it says summon goblin instead of creature goblin
  29. magic whats horsemanship is it better then flying
  30. do you have to play sorcery before or after you use the ability
  31. 5/5 creature with first strike getting blocked by two 3/3 creatures who survives? mtg
  32. what happens when you put -1/-1 counter on 1/1 creature does it die?
  33. Force of Savagery toughness 0 dies immediately upon entering battlefield?
  34. Places to play MTG
  35. how does Confusion in the Ranks work magic
  36. Beginning MTG
  37. Can planeswalkers block magic
  38. Can planeswalker attack magic
  39. what are premium creatures magic
  40. what are premium spells magic
  41. does indestrucable protect against wrath of god
  42. mtg when can i sacrifice my creatures
  43. can any creature be sacrificed
  44. mtg can you run out of cards in your hand
  45. magic the gathering equippment couner
  46. can you stack double strike
  47. creatures with shroud receive artifact echantment
  48. can you use abilities even with summoning sickness
  49. name a creature type shroud
  50. magic the gathering can you pay more mana then tap it
  51. best magic beginners set
  52. Magic the Gathering how can you win and lose a game at the same time
  53. does mana cost xx means i have to pay 10 or more?
  54. does a tapped creature still deal damage during blocking
  55. magic when you take control of target creature do you get equipment
  56. shroud against first strike
  57. does a -1/-1 kill a creature mtg
  58. does an enchant creature stay on in exile
  59. can u play an ability of a card is tapped
  60. if creature you control was destroyed
  61. when does summoning sickness end
  62. how do you play rapid deck fire correctly
  63. Doomblade
  64. another strange card Ajani Vengeant creature with 1 number for both power toughness
  65. Nezumi Graverobber weird magic card how does it work
  66. is tehre way to kill indestructible other then putting negative counters on it?
  67. force sacrifice a creature with shroud
  68. are artifacts spells? are artifact creatures spells?
  69. how many planeswalkers can be in play at once
  70. can player gain shroud
  71. Can I discard card i don't want and get new card I want magic
  72. can creature with vigilance attack more then once per turn? Magic faq
  73. magic sacrifice where does it go
  74. magic the gathering played all seven cards
  75. mtg can you equip other player
  76. how does Conspiracy work magic
  77. can a creature have shroud, protection and indestructible at same time?
  78. Upkeep
  79. what is summoning sickness
  80. lifelink what happens with the damage
  81. creatures with shroud and day judgement
  82. Two Shroud Related Questions
  83. trample creature dies damage
  84. land converted magic cost mtg
  85. when a creature is exiled does the equipment go to?
  86. how to play Abyssal Persecutor
  87. how do you remove graveyard cards in magic
  88. magic the gathering to many cards on opponents turnwhen to discard hand limit
  89. mtg creature still in graveyard
  90. mtg do you control your graveyard
  91. mtg what's the difference between own and control
  92. what can you sacrifice
  93. mtg do not lose the game with no cards in library
  94. magic the gatering question about ally
  95. Latulla Keldon Oversee
  96. Can u attak twice per turn magic
  97. magic the gathering can wither kill
  98. mtg equip countered
  99. mtg is an opponent a creature and player?
  100. mtg no cards to discard
  101. sacrificeing creatures before combat is dealt
  102. can mtg cards with shroud be countered
  103. when do i lose when i have no library?
  104. if i tap land for mana to play spell and spell gets countered does land stay tapped?
  105. mtg how can you block several creature
  106. what is a magic mythic rare
  107. difference between destroy and bury
  108. if i destroy a creature can i choose to exile it instead of going to graveyard
  109. what is the good about a fetch land?
  110. can a creature with vigilance attack and tap for an ability
  111. mtg same card limit
  112. how many magic cards do you have to have a battle?
  113. how to know if a magic card is rare uncommon or common
  114. how does indestructibility work in magic the gathering
  115. mtg when can creatures be countered
  116. how to use mind control in magic the gathering
  117. can you draw 7 cards at the end of your turn in magic
  118. what does paradox haze do magic
  119. magic the gathering explain tokans
  120. does everything have summoning sickness?
  121. Attack questions
  122. if a creature has shroud can you use your spells on him
  123. land mana cost
  124. number of land cards allowed in play mtg
  125. magic terms remove from game
  126. magic the gathering rule how many cards do you need in a deck
  127. mtg creature be blocked with protection from color
  128. can you counter a land?
  129. does disorient kill creatures
  130. There is a Rule Book!
  131. magic the gathering how to create black mana
  132. does trample travel through if the creature is protected in mtg
  133. what happened when you exile a planeswalker
  134. how does unearth work magic
  135. mtg can you attack both a planeswalker and player
  136. in magic the gathering can you play more than one land in one turn
  137. lliana vess how to use
  138. when defending in magic how long is a creature tapped?
  139. magic does blocking tap your creature
  140. can you sacrifice a blocking creature
  141. how many different colors should someone have in their magic deck
  142. are non basic lands spells
  143. trample damage when creature dies
  144. mtg can i exile cards at will
  145. magic the gathering do you get 7 new cards if you have no cards in your hand
  146. mtg destroy all indestructible
  147. mtg return a planeswalker to the hand
  148. magic the gathering target creature sacrificed before
  149. how do you discard a card at random magic
  150. magic the gathering what happens if you have eight cards in your hand at end of turn?
  151. in magic the gathering if a creature blocks does it get tapped
  152. why use creatures without shroud if there are creatures with shroud
  153. mtg shroud effected by own spells??
  154. can creature without shroud kill creature with shroud??
  155. Are Planeswalkers abilities considered instants for Pyromancer Ascension
  156. when do i need to discard extra cards magic
  157. Shroud vs Cumalitve Upkeep
  158. what formula for optimal number of lands in magic
  159. card that looks weird
  160. does Llanowar Elves have summoning sickness when i tap it for forest
  161. Is Llanowar Elves land magic
  162. white knight blocks black knight what happens
  163. how does blind hunter work magic faq
  164. can i use a creatures effect during my opponent's turn magic the gatherin
  165. when a creature enters the battlefield is it under my control
  166. how does counterspell work? magic the gathering
  167. magic the gathering split cards can both sides be played
  168. what is the minimum deck size in a magic deck
  169. magic deals damage to each player planeswalker
  170. does summoning sickness mean that card is tapped first turn
  171. what can attack and block flying magic the gathering
  172. magic the gathering can you return a card with shroud to play
  173. is enchantments and instants counted as spells? magic the gathering
  174. how many mana cards does a magic deck come with
  175. where is the expansion symbol on magic cards
  176. where do tokens go when they die magic
  177. about putting protection cards in my decks
  178. magic the gathering: how to get around protection
  179. rules about cannot be blocked vs protection from color
  180. magic the gathering how many dual lands in library
  181. Momentary Blink Exile target creature you control then return it to the battlefield
  182. Better to go 2nd? Magic
  183. Whenever City of Brass becomes tapped, it deals 1 damage to you?
  184. Giant Growth is this legal?
  185. mtg can you tap a planeswalker
  186. what happend when you counter a spell? mtg
  187. Is casting a creature a spell mtg
  188. magic the gathering can indistructioble be countered
  189. in magic when you play a creature can you use its ability
  190. magic equip opponent's creatures
  191. Can you block a creature not attacking you
  192. Mind control you control enchanted creature magic
  193. can you counter an instant magic
  194. Multiple Blocking
  195. What kind of land can a fetch land get
  196. mtg can creature with 0 power attack
  197. mtg land bundles
  198. What Happens when you have no more cards in Your Magic Library
  199. can you regenerate a creature later
  200. MTG rarity color codes
  201. what happens if you counter a counterspell mtg
  202. can u damage a tapped creature
  203. magic the gathering can't be countered
  204. planswalker removed from game?
  205. mtg do enchantments play on shroud
  206. magic cards are indestructible creatures affected by sacrifice
  207. faq mtg equipped creature exile
  208. mtg when a creature is regenerated are the enchantments destroyed
  209. land fall with 2 same creature in play
  210. what percentage of a 60 card deck should be land
  211. magic the gathering proctection from goblins
  212. can you have more than 4 nonbasic lands
  213. can you have more than 4 basic lands
  214. can someone explain Suicidal Charge card doesnt make sense enchantment on other turn?
  215. trample against indestructible what happens magic
  216. can stifle counter shroud
  217. Is planeswalker an ally?
  218. Damage Dealt to Player or Creature
  219. question about trample and blockers and damage
  220. enchant summoning sickness magic
  221. white creature protection from white?
  222. how many cards can you draw at once in magic the gathering
  223. if a creature has shroud do planeswalkers effect it
  224. is there basic land for colorless mana
  225. Whats better basic land or non basic land
  226. can you play a land and a basic land in the same turn?
  227. Arcane Sanctum comes into play tapped do i still get mana in mana pool for it
  228. magic planeswalker summoning sickness
  229. when a card is tapped can you use its ability?
  230. magic planeswalker permanent
  231. how does islandwalk work magic
  232. how does forestwalk work magic
  233. are tokens permanents
  234. when can you concede in magic
  235. magic the gathering what count as a spell?
  236. can you regenerate a creature if a card played says destroy creature
  237. M10 Fat Packs
  238. how many cards do you need to have in magic
  239. magic the gathering play land more than 1 land
  240. magic can you target a creature that is tapped
  241. does a shroud creature die to death touch
  242. can you sacrifice a creature that is already blocking
  243. how do i play a planeswalker card
  244. can i cast enchantments on a creature with shroud
  245. How does Dark Depths work?
  246. someone explain "shroud" in magic
  247. does attacking count as tapping
  248. does trample work if the creature dies?
  249. mtg does summoning sickness prevent you from using abilities
  250. sacrifice a creature about to die