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  1. magic how do I add a verse when I win in combat faq
  2. story circle next time source of your choice deals damage faq magic before after
  3. does shrouded creature residing in graveyard realize that it has shroud? magic
  4. Wooded Bastion magic make green white mana how do i use
  5. Essence Scatter faq counter creature spell what are creature spells mtg
  6. magic what to do against unblockable blinding angel with shroud
  7. friendly creatures that have shroud can I target with my spells? magic faq shroud
  8. what does intimadate do in magic the gathering
  9. in magic can planeswalker be assigned to block creatures? blokcing faq
  10. are mana abilities in magic the gathering abilities that cost mana to activate?
  11. can you in magic the gathering sacrifice creature who currently resides in graveyard?
  12. how much shroud am I allowed in a deck of magic the gathering?
  13. Cho-Arrim Legate i control plains magic he controls swamp untapped??
  14. choose a creature type Circle of Solace I chose token is token creature type? magic
  15. Can creature in magic without having sacrifice ability be sacrificed?
  16. how do i make my magic creatures to be shroud?
  17. does True Believer shroud make me immune to trample damage in magic
  18. what does an ooze do magic
  19. terra stomper cant be countered but what about planeswalkers
  20. can I use Unbender Tine only if I've already untapped a pemanent that turn? magic
  21. in the magic the gathering game how do i add mana from a myr artifact creature?
  22. Zombie Infestation magic discard one card for a 1/1 creature token?
  23. rules for elementals Scoria Elemental powers magic
  24. injured creature in magic blocking trample creature rules
  25. Giant Spider blocks like it has flying against elven riders only creatures fly mtg
  26. Does creature with ability realize a creature with shroud has entered the battlefield
  27. how much life do I gain in magic if lifelink 6/6 attacks and 2/2 creature blocks
  28. tap abilities activated abilities difference magic
  29. if i gain control of a creature I already control does it get summoning sickness? mtg
  30. tap attacking creatures Fulgent Distraction stop them from attacking magic
  31. Witherscale Wurm instructions magic are -1/-1 counters removed from opponent creature
  32. can creature in magic the gathering who has summoning sickness be regenerated?
  33. does creature in magic know that it itself has shroud
  34. does infect affect planeswalkers in magic gathering game
  35. magic someone taps creature use ability against me destroy before it gets tapped? faq
  36. magic creatures faq rulings is there a way to summon a creature from your graveyard
  37. Melancholy can be used on tapped creature? magic
  38. hostility spell deals damage to opponent what means exactly player creature magic
  39. Painter's Servant choose green as color pay for magic gathering spells using forest?
  40. mtg volcanic eruption useful with 0 mana how gatherer
  41. magic what does "a source of your choice" means faq prevent all damage
  42. krosan warchief does it mean creature spells cost 1 less to cost
  43. can i reveal giant spider so that Ancient Amphitheater is not tapped magic
  44. does Evolving Wilds produce colorless mana? magic
  45. attack Chandra Nalaar trample damage go to player magic
  46. when a creature takes damage equal to its life does it die immediately or at end turn
  47. CAn u use colored mana to pay for colorless costs or onle colored cost magic
  48. If a Goldenglow Moth blocks and is killed in combat, do I still gain the 4 life? Mtg
  49. if i put two Holy Strength on my creature does it get +2/+4 or +1/+2? magic
  50. in magic can I play a card like Instill Infection without declaring a target?
  51. when the rules say you can only play one land a turn does it include basic lands? mtg
  52. Another noob question about countering spells and mana FAQ magic
  53. is creature that countered considered to have entered the battlefield magic
  54. new to game question about discarding a card that player magic gathering play
  55. exiled creatures and trample rulings how much assign to player magic
  56. confused about Cabal Interrogator magic how many choices do I have
  57. can Ajani Goldmane and Ajani Vengeant be on the battlefield at the same time magic
  58. multikicker rulings ability and countering stifle magic
  59. question about paying kicker cost and counterspell in mtg
  60. Casting of Bones on token creature magic
  61. can you sideboard a creature more then once a turn magic
  62. can i tap Talisman of Indulgence for mana the turn it enters battlefield? magic
  63. Cut the Earthly Bond return target enchanted permanent hand faq magic
  64. can Callow Jushi and Jaraku the Interloper be on the battlefield at the same time mtg
  65. Reviving Vapors reveal top 3 cards of your library rulings mtg
  66. 2000 Classic bad deck?
  67. Eiganjo Free-Riders if its the only creature i have what do i do magic
  68. Haazda Shield Mate i activate ability twice beginining upkeep dont need to sac? mtg
  69. can I activate ability of Mind Slash with no sorcery in my hand? magic
  70. for Emberwilde Djinn is it ok to pay R and 1 life to gain control of it magic
  71. if a card is colorless, can it be targetted as an artifact? magic
  72. wheel of fate is red? why does it has to say so?
  73. Weed-Pruner Poplar rulings If you're the only player who controls any other creatures
  74. in magic, how often am I allowed to regenerate my creature?
  75. are creatures spells in magic
  76. is equipment a spell and can it be countered by counter target spell magic
  77. can you use Redirect to redirect abilities in magic
  78. can a creature with swampwalk block another creature with swampwalk rules magic
  79. in mtg game what happens when I cast Mortivore only creature in graveyard has shroud?
  80. in mtg game is shroud affected by abilities you control?
  81. in magic gathering is an enchantment considered an ability
  82. in magic what happens I cast spell that targets creature but none on the battlefield?
  83. Do I have to tap planeswalker to use its ability
  84. Erayo's Essence what do i do if I dont have a counterspell in my hand magic
  85. can i Regress card in graveyard mtg return permanent to hand
  86. how does snow work magic gathering Thermal Flux snow rules
  87. if double strike creatures kills blocking creature during 1st strike,does dmg go thru
  88. whats an emblem? (Scars of Mirrodin question)
  89. when in magic a creature land is killed does it go back to being a land what happens
  90. in magic gathering how do you attack a creature that has flying
  91. magic both players die same time what happens
  92. Is human a creature type also will coat of arms work with humans magic
  93. magic I dont get Coalition Relic how it works
  94. When in mtg I tap creature to attack, does it's tapping ability activate?
  95. can you cast sorceries during combat magic
  96. if a card tells me to sacrifice a creature, can I sacrifice planeswalker instead? mtg
  97. is it allowed to sacrifice a creature who is on its way to the graveyard in mtg
  98. does a foil rare count as a mythic?
  99. does combat damage kill an indestructible creature magic
  100. Kami of the Tended Garden unless you pay G mandatory or optional magic
  101. magic how does this weird card work
  102. is metalcraft ability optional magic
  103. is threshold optional magic
  104. Where can I find rules for different types of creatures in mtg like zombie or soldier
  105. Blinding Light vs artifact creatures magic
  106. can you cast instants in between first and second strike magic
  107. can you shuffle your hand at will magic revealed card rulings Aven Windreader
  108. can you tap creature with vigilance while it is attacking magic
  109. Silver Myr add U to your mana pool rulings mana ability faq magic
  110. Maximum of same card 4 but what if different sets magic
  111. Cards with X in mana cost: Can I choose what color X is: magic
  112. magic morph faq need help understading benefits of playing a card morphed
  113. Physical card from an Instant - Pyretic Ritual
  114. can I sacrifice a Kezzerdrix when I no longer need it so it doesnt deal damage to me?
  115. Stormscape Master can I pay WWBB and activate both its abilities? magic
  116. can i use tap ability like instances in magic
  117. how does discarding work when you have no cards in hand magic
  118. what card can summon a avatar token magic
  119. Bluffing and Trickery in magic the Gathering
  120. in magic the gathering, if my spell gets countered, is the mana availiable for reuse?
  121. in magic, do damaged creatures heal at the end of turn?
  122. can a creature use a non tap ability when tapped?
  123. Mana Seism why would I sacrifice lands if I can tap them for mana anyway magic
  124. questions about splice into the arcane magic
  125. why does Cerodon Yearling need haste if it has vigilance?
  126. Newbie MTG question: Is X supposed to be Roman Numeral 10 or is it X like a variable?
  127. Luminesce prevent damage black sources red sources magic
  128. in magic is colourless considered a colour? faq
  129. in magic when i clone a creature am i also copying the creature's colour?
  130. in magic is gold considered a colour? faq
  131. allowed to regenerate creature token in magic?
  132. gonna play magic what cards should i get
  133. is Aerie Mystics considered white or multicolored
  134. Strands of Night 2 life 2 mana sacrifice swamp mtg
  135. in magic does your mana have to match your deck?
  136. Why is black ritual good? magic
  137. Can I feed my foratog another players forest magic
  138. Can you destroy the stack? Mtg
  139. Emblem
  140. 2/3 creature getting enfeeblement go to graveyard?
  141. Enfeeblement on a 2/2 creature what happens mtg
  142. Can my creature voluntarily suspend it's shroud ability so I can target spells on it?
  143. Untapping Nettle Sentinel
  144. Ally with shroud enters the battlefield can other creatures see it magic
  145. Is it ok to target a creature in the graveyard in magic
  146. in magic, when you discard from your library does it count as discarding?
  147. if you trample creature thats indestructible, what happens does the damage trample?
  148. if I tap creature to sacrifice, does creature with sacrifice ability trigger? magic
  149. magic gathering can tokens defend vs attackers?
  150. am I allowed to tap creature for ability just before it attacks? Magic combat faq
  151. magic when creature goes to graveyard does enchantment go with it?
  152. Elvish Pathcutter magic gathering card what is forestwalk
  153. what lands can produce half mana for making Stream Hopper flying?
  154. Wither vs. Shroud + Indestructable
  155. Does token going back to hand visit graveyard before disappearing magic
  156. Does exiled creature visit graveyard on the way to exile magic
  157. can u have more then 1 mythic rare in the battlefield at the same time? magic
  158. can creature be enchanted while still under summoning sickness rules magic
  159. can planeswalkers be destroyed by creatures? magic
  160. when attacker dies, what happens to the trample damage?
  161. can you counter enchantment card with counterspell magic
  162. if u used the wrong mana can you use different mana? magic
  163. Does regenerated creature have summoning sickness magic regeneration faq
  164. when creature is mind controlled does it get sick with summoning sickness again? mtg
  165. Ancestral Vision no mana cost how to play magic gathering
  166. can you play planeswalkers ability during your 2nd main phase?
  167. is there exists a basic land in magic that produces colorless mana?
  168. During a magic gathering game, can you shuffle?
  169. how many times can you put counters on planeswalker in a single turn in mtg game
  170. in magic gathering game, can a player target himself?
  171. can u use an instant to counter another instant? magic gathering game
  172. are creatures with indestructible destroyed when you sacrifice them?
  173. does deathtouch kill creature with shroud
  174. can shroud creature see itself magic gathering faq
  175. can you equip magic gathering token?
  176. Are you aloud to have more then 60 cards in your magic gathering deck?
  177. how many magic cards can we have in the sideboard?
  178. difference between mana abilities and activated abilities magic
  179. do tokens die at the end of turn? magic gathering learn
  180. does snow covered forest make white mana as well as green
  181. Is it ok to regenerate a creature that hasnt taken lethal damage? mtg cards
  182. what does a phylactery counter do magic
  183. can I play both sides of a double card magic gathering game rules
  184. Is there any limit on how many creatures can be on the battlefield at once?
  185. when you block a creature magic are you attacking it?
  186. Soul Spike can I exile 2 swamps to pay for the cost magic rulings
  187. do you lose the game when your library is done? magic
  188. can u tap and attack at the same time? magic gathering game
  189. when you start playing magic do you draw?
  190. can creatures use flying on the first turn? magic gameplay
  191. can u cancel a planeswalker magic
  192. magic if i block a creature with 2 creatures will they both die
  193. magic will the spell i countered be destroyed?
  194. When declaring a blocker for magic combat does the blocking creature tap?
  195. how does wither damage mtg creature
  196. magic can you cast sorceries at end of your turn?
  197. magic are lands permenants
  198. at the start of an mtg game how many lands do you start with
  199. is remove from play same as send to graveyard magic
  200. how does first strike work with multiple blockers magic
  201. magic gathering game how does the spell cancel work
  202. in magic can you play a land during combat phase?
  203. magic when can you play regeneration
  204. how do u enchant a protection card magic
  205. can u use plainswalker ability before they kill it magic
  206. magic: if leveler card says level up only as a sorcery, what does that mean exactly?
  207. magic how many tapping can you do per turn
  208. are u allowed to destroy your own creatures magic
  209. if a creature has sacrifice a creature ability will it affect creatures with shroud?
  210. Can you do mulligan in the middle of a game magic gathering
  211. how many mountain swamp plains ocean forest do i need to pay for this beast creature
  212. if creature with protection from black attacks black creature does black creature die
  213. Magic what happens if you go over 20 life
  214. Do special lands havE converted mana cost
  215. Do special lands have color magic
  216. if yor library and hand are empty do you lose the game or can you reshuffle graveyard
  218. magic can single creature block 2 attacking creatures?
  219. can u attack flying creatures magic
  220. magic play all cards in hand draw a new one
  221. magic can you kill creatures with protection
  222. how does Reward the Faithful work magic
  223. magic how many creatures can you have on the battlefield at once
  224. in magic gathering game if mana cost is half one and half the other what do you do
  225. when i block with my creature does it make him tapped? magic
  226. if i tap my guy to do an ability and they tap it in remorse, what happens magic
  227. can you tap a card at will anytime even if it doesnt have tap ability? magic
  228. are exiled cards allowed to be looked at? magic
  229. is there a maximum number of cards that can be in your graveyard? magic
  230. can flying creatures be hit by abilities of ground creatures magic
  231. can all creatures level up in magic
  232. can you sacrifice a creature in middle of combat magic
  233. how many times in turn can you level a avatar up in magic
  234. magic gathering can you draw a new hand if your out of card
  235. how many of a planeswalker abilities can you use per turn?
  236. can you regen exiled card in mtg
  237. magic opponent's turn things you can do
  238. how does trample work when you blocking with more then 1 creature
  239. can you deliberately sacrifice monsters in mtg for no reason
  240. can u destroy a regenerating creature magic
  241. is graveyard considered part of the battlefield in magic the gathering?
  242. can you attack planeswalker and player in same phase? magic
  243. magic when a creature is killed and regenerated, does it keep its enchants?
  244. can you play land after you play your creature magic
  245. can planeswalker go to 0 counters magic planeswalkers faq
  246. when leveling in magic the gathering does it tap your character
  247. do abilities need haste on 1st turn magic
  248. magic does equipped item dies when creatures die?
  249. can you counter someone's counterspell magic
  250. do tokens tap magic