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  1. can i have tarfire deal one damage to creature and one damage to player?
  2. Summer Bloom extra lands for next turn?
  3. can i cast Protective Bubble on creature who already has shroud?
  4. Savage Offensive kicked also first strike? magic
  5. confusing instructions on Tariel, Reckoner of Souls?
  6. what do all those symbols on Figure of Destiny mean?
  7. creature with infect to deal normal damage when to declare?
  8. does wither damage from Sickle Ripper heal at the end of turn like other dmg?
  9. does Moonring Island consider itself for using its ability?
  10. Icatian Town can I put a single 4/4 token instead of four 1/1 tokens?
  11. Graven Cairns can i subtract the payment from the mana i get?
  12. Mistform Stalker creature type only on battlefied?
  13. Sacellum Godspeaker can i reveal same creature more then once?
  14. Unnatural Selection make creature bird gains flying?
  15. Oriss, Samite Guardian can i discard evil twin for grandeur
  16. Chancellor of the Dross vs leyline of sanctity who wins
  17. Seton, Krosan Protector tap Boreal Druid for 1G mana?
  18. can i cast Pardic Lancer if its the only card in my hand?
  19. does hexproof still work when creature is tapped?
  20. Obelisk of Alara amd using all its abilities at ones
  21. Flamekin Harbinger magic what is an elemental card
  22. can i use zuran orb if i got no lands?
  23. when i cast a two sided mtg card do i choose which side it starts on?
  24. Enslaved Horror who is "Each Other Player"
  25. are you sure about creatures transforming not entering the battlefield?
  26. does Gemhide Sliver also have Add one mana of any color to your mana pool
  27. can Armored Warhorse block a barbarian general horsemanship?
  28. Indestructibility tree of redemption you become indestructible?
  29. Hunters' Feast can i target myself multiple times?
  30. Carrion Howler pay life timing? magic
  31. Bloodgift Demon can I draw card and have other player lose one life?
  32. in magic gathering when creature transforms, does it also regenerate?
  33. question about Unruly Mob and planeswalker
  34. misprint on card? has picture printed on both sides
  35. Army of the Damned from innistrad broken
  36. Festerhide Boar morcid rulings can enter battlefield with four +1/+1 counters?
  37. does Wildfire deal 4 damage to each creature if less lands were sacrificed?
  38. Hellfire Mongrel is whether to dmg checked before or after i draw?
  39. activate ability of Deathmark Prelate with no sorceries in my hand?
  40. can Goblin Roughrider do anything special?
  41. can creature decide it no logner wants its +1/+1 counters that are on it
  42. Phyrexian Gargantua if i dont have 2 cards left in my library lose 2 life?
  43. Wild Mongrel can i keep it green
  44. Bringer of the Blue Dawn draw 2 or 3 cards?
  45. Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile against shroud?
  46. Ur-Golem's Eye mana pay for itself?
  47. Phyrexian Soulgorger what does snow artifact creature do?
  48. Dawnstrider who chooses which card to discard
  49. dual land annex need 2 to gain control?
  50. can u use Seal of Strength whenever you want
  51. does Nightstalker Engine count tokens that died?
  52. is this an error on the card?
  53. can you cast Cloak of Feathers during combat phase?
  54. magic how to cast Ornithopter?
  55. can Ashen Monstrosity choose to have summoning sickness and not attack first turn?
  56. does Elite Vanguard have any special powers?
  57. Rotlung Reanimator and zombie tokens rulings magic
  58. Stinkdrinker Daredevil what does giant spell mean?
  59. when you regenerate Clay Statue are poison counters on it removed?
  60. Benthic Djinn who loses life me or the creature
  61. how does Serra's Boon affect deft duelist?
  62. Igneous Pouncer how does Swampcycling mountaincycling work
  63. Mind Warp can i choose not to have other player discard any cards
  64. can Joven's Ferrets cause hexproof to tap?
  65. is mind stone a artifact land?
  66. does Meng Huo, Barbarian King himself gain +1/+1?
  67. does Flame Rift also deal 4 dmg to myself?
  68. Gwyllion Hedge-Mage control two plains and two swamps
  69. maximum number of times you can use Drifting Shade on one turn?
  70. m12 rules if i make adaptive automaton creature type wall can he attack?
  71. how does scrambleverse work magic
  72. can card enchanted by spirit mantle be affected by artifact creatures?
  73. if i have infect can i choose mode of damage?
  74. can crimson mage give haste to himself first turn?
  75. If I cast Dark Favor on other player's creature who loses life me or him
  76. if someone taps forest for green mana can i respond with Slimy Kavu
  77. is Deepchannel Mentor itself unblockable
  78. disenchant and attumenent rulings magic
  79. does Peach Garden Oath card count tokens for amount of life you gain?
  80. Armadillo Cloak on creature with infect do i gain life or have poison counters remove
  81. Rod of Ruin magic can i pay 6 colorless and deal dmg to both player and creature?
  82. Soratami Seer does a dual land count as one or two lands
  83. Dralnu, Lich Lord can i choose to take the damage instead of saccing permanents
  84. Ghazban Ogre if both players are tied for life do you flip a coin?
  85. how will my lands untap if there is Stasis on battlefield?
  86. if i forgot to untap my lands in the beginning of my turn can i do that later
  87. can i cast Faerie Squadron for U and add the kicker a feew turns later so it flies?
  88. can someone tell me exactly what is commander? is it in standard?
  89. does Leave No Trace also destroys auras magic
  90. what exactly does Remove Enchantments do magic
  91. can indestructible darksteel relic be sacrificed for Phyrexia's Core?
  92. chancellor and reveal card abilities magic trigger ability?
  93. does Marrow Shards deal damage to attacking creatures with shroud?
  94. Capricious Efreet destroy card at random how do you determine?
  95. can Alloy Myr add phyrexian mana to my mana pool?
  96. does Unwinding Clock also untap my artifact creatures or only my artifacts
  97. does having two Blade Splicer on the battlefield give my golems double strike?
  98. does 3/3 colorless Golem artifact creature token blade splicer summoning sickness?
  99. in magic what abilities does a elephant solder creature have?
  100. whats the point of phyrexian mana?
  101. can i sacrifice Dementia Bat if other player has only one card in his hand?
  102. how do i use Darksteel Relic?
  103. can someone please explain to me exactly how karn liberated works?
  104. can you Halt Order an artifact creature?
  105. Rathi Dragon can the mountains i sacrifice be same mountains i used to summon it?
  106. does Deluge also tap my creatures without flying?
  107. what happens if u cast Torpor Dust on creature that has less then 3 power magic
  108. can you stifle phyrexian mana
  109. can Rootrunner put a land from my graveyard on top of my library?
  110. how does the new phyrexia mana symbol work magic
  111. in magic is there a way to bestow shroud on a creature that normally doesnt have it?
  112. in magic is it possible to turn off abilities such as shroud on creatures u control?
  113. Barbed-Back Wurm vs 1/1 green creature -1/-1 ability magic
  114. In magic before cASting a spell can I ask other player if he's gonna counter it?
  115. Timberwatch Elf does it count other players elves as well
  116. Can a birds of paradise attack
  117. can a Sorceress Queen use its ability on another sorceress queen?
  118. can i cast Macabre Waltz with no creatures in my graveyard?
  119. Ebon Dragon against true believer shroud you have magic
  120. Cephalid Vandal can I choose to sacrifice instead of putting shred counter?
  121. Thrashing Mudspawn gain control other player magic rulings take damage?
  122. can a Viridian Shaman enter the battlefield if there are no artifacts there?
  123. can Accursed Centaur with no other creatures out? magic
  124. Rules Primer/FAQ - Please read before asking questions!
  125. if i use Chaoslace on a island does it become a mountain? mtg
  126. does Copper Tablet deal damage to me if i have ivory mask shroud?
  127. for islandwalk to work on Merfolk Seastalkers i have to control islands or other plyr
  128. can u cast two kicked prohibit to counter a spell with converted mana cost 8 or less?
  129. Coercion can i have him discard a land?
  130. can overwhelming intellect counter Bestial Menace creature spell magic
  131. Jeska, Warrior Adept haste good only for attacking or also to activate tap ability?
  132. Razor Barrier protection from color rules ability equipment
  133. Heartstone Deepfire Elemental mana less to play total or each cost? magic
  134. can i cast Gaea's Balance with less then 5 lands sacrificing them all? mtg
  135. does Final Judgment exile creatures from the graveyard as well?
  136. Tangle Mantis vs Wall of Shadows trample rulings mtg
  137. Meteor Shower can i do x=0 and pay R and deal 1 damage? mtg
  138. can Wren's Run Vanquisher reveal itself for additiona cost to cast?
  139. do two Privileged Position protect each other? magic
  140. can I play land and artifact land same turn? magic artifact faq
  141. does Scattershot Archer do 1 damage to flying creatures with shroud
  142. does Architects of Will mean I can put cards however I want?
  143. can Wyluli Wolf block and give +1/+1 boost to itself at the same time?
  144. is Fodder Launch also considered a creature card? tribal sorcery goblin
  145. does animating inkmoth nexus trigger Hidden Guerrillas?
  146. Does Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro have its own ability?
  147. Goblin Spy WHO playes with top card of the library revealed? magic
  148. Brass Herald can I choose manland for creature type magic
  149. is Arcane Sanctum considered an arcane spell? magic
  150. what powers does Mass of Ghouls have?
  151. Arctic Wolves elvish piper draw a card
  152. can i assign one of my own creatures to block my Deepwood Tantiv so i gain 2 life mtg
  153. Seachrome Coast control two or fewer lands include itself? magic
  154. do creatures with protection from black get -5/-5 when Havoc Demon dies magic
  155. Defy Gravity flashback gets countered goes graveyard exile? magic
  156. does trample damage still go through if blocking creature is regenerated? mtg
  157. Blinding Beam spell need all targets declared to cast legally? magic
  158. Mystic Crusader count red and black cards in graveyard for threshold rulings mtg
  159. Barkshell Blessing conspire tap untapped creatures magic rulings summoning sickness?
  160. Is creature with shroud smart enough to cast spell on itself magic
  161. magic is player considered a permanent
  162. Tel-Jilad Defiance protection from artifacts on artifacts magic
  163. Does creature hold on to it's shroud ability as it goes to to graveyard?
  164. living weapon magic rules if germ token dies does equipment stays on battlefield?
  165. Koth's Courier magic what does forestwalk do
  166. is there any advantage that first strike creature has over double strike creature mtg
  167. explain Old Fogey card abilities magic
  168. Battlefield Scrounger and threshold ability magic
  169. Goblin Razerunners giant growth +1/+1 counters ability
  170. Nantuko Disciple can I pay GG and give creature +4/+4 until end of turn?
  171. whats the difference between flash and haste magic
  172. Basic vs Non-Basic Lands
  173. does Catastrophe destroy inkmoth nexus manlands? magic
  174. can I cast corrupted conscience on my own creature just to give it infect? mtg
  175. can you equip face down creatures magic
  176. does Specter's Shroud work with infect damage? magic
  177. Unstable Frontier magic can I say dual land
  178. Blisterstick Shaman deflection rules magic change target of spell
  179. List of cards that can target shroud magic
  180. are mirran and phyrexian creature types magic
  181. fuel for the cause vs lands counter lands magic
  182. Mirran Crusader giant growth protection from green magic
  183. I know creature with vigilance doesnt tap to attack but can it be tapped anyway? mtg
  184. can you have creature enter the battlefield on the opponent's side? magic
  185. how does Word of Command work magic
  186. hero of bladehold how do the soldiers attack if they have summoning sickness?
  187. if i sacrifice Gore Vassal to give Gnathosaur trample do I also put -1/-1 counter
  188. does Magnetic Mine affect my artifacts as well?
  189. can Darigaaz's Charm kill mirran crusader? magic
  190. can I use [mtg]Urza's Incubator[/mtg] to lower cost of artifact creatures?
  191. if i attack with a creature with infect can i do half infect and half normal damage?
  192. can I mulligan after a time reversal? magic
  193. does cryptoplasm copy if creature is tapped or untapped magic
  194. bladed sentinel vigilance attack first turn magic
  195. Living weapon rules does black germ token survive long enough for equipment to come?
  196. can a creature with shroud be targeted by another creature with shroud? magic
  197. Valakut, Molten Pinacle
  198. can I cast cancel on a fact or fiction after having seen the cards? magic
  199. Grave Titan Rulings magic put two 2/2 black Zombie creature enters battlefield magic
  200. desert nomads arabian nights immune to desert changeling magic
  201. in magic does Irini Sengir also reduce cost of auras?
  202. Can someone clarify exactly waht is shroud good against and what not magic
  203. In magic can i untap permanents not belonging to me
  204. In magic can I sacrifice creature that does not belong to me
  205. magic when creature levels up does it gain summoning sickness?
  206. Darklit Gargoyle pump power ability combat damage step magic faq
  207. in magic does having two creatures of the same type give you any bonus?
  208. does suspended card waiting to enter play count as being in your hand? magic
  209. can you do a Rise from the Grave on a token magic
  210. how do you use Nurturing Licid magic
  211. can you cancel your own spell magic
  212. Trigon of Thought charge counter rules magic destroy
  213. true believer planeswalker damage redirect magic shroud player
  214. in magic can you play a shroud creature face down?
  215. Rules for bad hands magic
  216. How does muliganning work in mtg
  217. If magic card has protection from red does it protect from red card doesn't target
  218. FOr booby trap can I name a card taht has shroud magic
  219. mtg when creature is about to get killed can it know its about to die and use power
  220. Magus of the Bazaar can i use one of the cards if instant before discarding magic
  221. in magic if you give Gnat Alley Creeper flying can be blocked by flying creatures?
  222. Shivan Dragon can I activate its +1/+0 ability how many times I want? magic
  223. can you redirect combat damage to planeswalker or must they be a targeted when attack
  224. I dont get Emblem of the Warmind
  225. does other player running out of deck cause me to win the game? magic
  226. how does Shahrazad work magic
  227. each creature shroud target creature shroud each of two target creatures? magic
  228. can you target shrouded serpent? magic
  229. in magic if someone tries to mind control my creature can i sacrifice it?
  230. does planeswalker go on the stack or does it go directly to battlefield like land mtg
  231. does shrouded creature in magic shroud protect against its own owner? shroud faq
  232. what does it mean in mtg when a card has a sword and shield next to its numbers?
  233. in magic can creature with shroud block another creature with shroud faq
  234. magic Prodigal Sorcerer rulings can deal attack damage and ability dmg at same time?
  235. how exalted work magic affect only creature with exalted other creatures exalted faq
  236. does Roughshod Mentor trample give to himself in magic gathering?
  237. Can you counterspell only the top spell on the stack or any spell? mtg
  238. Ayumi, the Last Visitor what does legendary landwalk mean in magic terminology faq
  239. Pacifism when it is cast cant attack block do you choose a mode magic
  240. Nature's Lore search for forest card magic
  241. in magic does creature going to exile carry more severe consequences then graveyard?
  242. in magic is there difference between creature in graveyard and creature in exile?
  243. is counterspell usable against token thats being put onto the battlefield tokens faq?
  244. would Opportunity cause a player to lose if he had less then 4 cards in library? mtg
  245. Defensive Formation assign combat damage creature trample rulings faq magic
  246. Ivory Crane Netsuke how can i have more then 7 cards in hand if seven is maximum? mtg
  247. in magic gathering can you counter a spell while its still on the stack? faq
  248. Blessed Reversal i have 1/1 creature attack myself so I gain some more life magic
  249. if one of my creatures is destroyed can I tell him go to exile instead of graveyard?
  250. totem armor trample faq how works against magic