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    Default Retro Gaming Roundup February 2009 Podcast

    RetroGamingRoundup.com have posted the Feb 2009 podcast. Great podcast with lots of interesting stuff about retro gaming and more.

    From their website:
    Welcome to the official website of RetroGamingRoundup.com. This is home base for the newest, most definitive retro gaming podcast on the planet. You can expect monthly episodes full of classic gaming news, views and opinions from around the world. Each episode will be overflowing with content and will include:
    Classic Gaming Guru Interviews.
    Classic Gaming Related Editorials.
    Classic Console and Computer Game Rants, Raves & Reviews From Both Sides Of The Pond.
    What's Old Is New Again. Reviews of classic games and remakes on modern systems including Wiiware, Xbox Live and PS3 Network.
    Arcade Game & Pinball Reviews, Rulesets & Hardware Discussions.
    Monthly Top-10 Lists, Sure to stir up controversy and forum discussions!
    Auction Spotlights - Promoting Monthly Child's Play Charity Auctions on ChaseTheChuckwagon.com.
    Retro Gaming Industry News & Opinion.
    Listener Submitted News & Technical Questions.
    Vintage Video Gaming / Computer Commercials and Gaming Movie Trailers.
    And More !
    Topics covered:
    Host Introductions - Find out how the show came about, who we are and what gaming means to us!
    Interview with Mr. Phil Adam, Co-Founder of Spectrum Holobyte, President of Interplay and the man who brought Tetris to US Shores.
    Game Review of Grand Prix Legends, 1998 PC
    Hardware Flashback - Pinball 2000
    Game Review of Vector Tanks, Atari Iphone/Ipod Touch
    Top Ten Arcade to home console / computer Ports
    LIVE! From the Swap Meet - 17-01-2009
    Current RetroGaming News
    Upcoming Gaming Expos for 2009

    So don't miss it! You can find it here:
    RoundUps For 2009
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    Listened to the Podcast, very cool, thanks for the link.

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