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    Brain German Punch Paper Sampler

    Circa 1880's German House Blessing Sampler Punch Paper & Crewel

    Measures 14 x 21 inches. Framed and under glass. Center design of Cross appears to be made of some type of plastic or paper; there are pieces of what appear to be dried fern around it. There are Edelweiss like flowers which appear to be made of felt. A real multi media production!

    The text is a House Blessing in German which loosely translated seeks God's blessing on the home in which faith, love and joy exist. Finally, that if God is there, that is enough.

    Found in a consignment store by family members who date to 1880's.

    This is my first post; please forgive me and let me know if I've omitted anything.

    This item is listed on two site: Onlineauction (OLA) and Bonanzle.com.

    I'd like to sell it and I think, from my research, that something in the neighborhood of $150.00 may be appropriate.

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    Default Re: German Punch Paper Sampler


    to post a picture you can scroll down to where it says "Manage attachments" when posting the post

    also feel free to post the links to where its sold on bonanzle and OLA



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