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I know the economy many of us is facing is no good but remember we need sales to pay bills
So I am trying to lessen the burden at HAPPY FROG store to best of my ability and still turn a
profit to get my bills as required of HAPPY FROG to do so .

What I offer to you on WEBSTORE I could never offer to you on EBAY with all their hidden fees
they hit sellers with causing the seller not to turn a profit and get bills paid as required .But WEBSTORE
is fair to the seller so in return we can become fair to our customers with our prices etc ...

1 ) Always 10% off your purchase at HAPPY FROG with coupon
2 ) Now a reduced sign on many items for even more savings
3 ) Prices always fair and I try to remain one step under of what others sale similar item at
4 ) Than always free shipping at HAPPY FROG

So go shopping to find that special item always changing always adding
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