I want HAPPY FROG to become a place of refuge where you feel safe to shop and to receive that special item at a price that is fair and reasonable . A place where you will be treated with RESPECT and want to come back and shop at HAPPY FROG than tell others about HAPPY FROG .

For sadly so many business are out for the money not for their customer but at
HAPPY FROG the customer comes 1st than come blessings.
For if a customer has a smile and is satisfied with their purchase = success.

Think of the by gone days of mom and pop stores where their customer came first and nothing else honestly mattered and they stood by this principle at all cost. They were called the GOOD OLD DAYS for a reason I believe .

So HAPPY FROG stands behind its customers at all times

So go hopping shopping along HAPPY FROG

Be Blessed

Psalms 139

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