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    Default Help! What is this? (strange talisman)

    Hi everybody.. This is my first post =)
    (Mods: feel free to move this thread if it's posted in the wrong place)

    I really need some help on this one. There is this talisman i found some years ago, I don't know wether it's old or a replica, but I am really curios about it.

    Have you seen this or something like it before?

    In hand



    Measure: 2 inches

    I hope you can help me

    P.S. why can't i use [Rimg]?

    -Charlie #Norway

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    Default Re: Help! What is this? (strange talisman)

    I am no expert but it looks like a African Fertility Talisman to me, I used to see alot of those in the Mid 80's early 90's



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