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I am looking at trying to find out what my dolls are worth, and came across your name in a post. I am hoping you could be of some help. All of the Listed below are still in their boxes. I have moved several times, they've statyed in the same box but things get shifted, so some of the boxes may have seen some better days. Thank you in advance if your able to help. Here is my list: Soda Fountain Sweet Heart (Mattel #15762) from 1996 Audry Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle (Mattel # 15497) from 1995 Portrait in Taffeta (Bob Mackie) (Mattel #15528) from 1996 Enchanted Season Collection -Autumn Glory (M # 15204) -Snow Princess (M # 11875) In box, but not stationary -Summer Splendor ( M # 15683) -Spring Boutqet (M # 12989) Audry Hepburn as Holly Golighty (M # 20355) Coco Cola Soda Shop (M # 22831) Holiday Barbies 1995 (M#14123) 1996 (M#15646) 1997 (M#17832) 1998 (M#20200) 2000 (M#24154) Avon Winter Splendor 1998 (M # 19357)

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Asked on: 2012-10-14 06:46

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