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Sometimes you slip up- sometimes you did something wrong.  But don't cry yet!  There's a way to rescue your EV investment.

510 is a lot of EV points.  Surely there's a way to get that number filled out faster than one or two at a time?  Well, as a matter of fact....

This article discusses where EVs come from, and how to make them what you want.

Time for another course in Pokemonics!  This time, I'll be talking about Effort Values- you're going to want to read the whole series and consider how it applies to your training before you consider yourself done here.

The second part of Pokemon Training 120, this article considers the hunt for the right IVs for your pokemon- and just how far you should go trying to get the best possible stats.

This is the first of two articles about the Individual Values of your pokemon, describing what they are and what they do.

Pokemon Training 112- Attack Types

A basic analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and qualities inherent to the different Pokemon types, as applied to the attacks.

This article gives a summation of all the possible type combinations of pokemon, which pokemon have them, their weaknesses and resistances, and brief comments on all the combinations that are in use today.

Pokemon Training 110- Pokemon Types

A summary and analysis of all the pokemon types and their tendencies, as well as a listing of all the pure-type pokemon- except, of course, Arceus, who is every type.

Pokemon Training 104: Training the Trainer

This class/article/walrus is about how to train yourself to work with the pokemon you have, whether you chose them or chanced on them.

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