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Pokemon Training 202- Gimmick Teams 2: Gravity

Gravity is a very seldom-used effect in Pokemon- but it can be a very useful one on the right team.  This course tells you what you need to know to take advantage of the strange effect that is Gravity.

All the basics you need to know to prepare yourself for constructing a Baton Pass team.

Pokemon Training 145- Training to the Team

Regardless of what kind of team you're forming, you need to know how to cover potential holes- and how to make all the team's members strong enough in the right ways to work together.

Pokemon Training 144- Theme Teams

Things aren't always as they theme, and when you're forming a Theme Team, you may want to break with the expected- and here's why.

Pokemon Training 143- Cross-Support Teams

There's a reason a team is a team- and the Cross-Support style of pokemon team takes that concept and runs with it, covering for each other as only a disparate group of ragtag rebels can.

Pokemon Training 142- Focused Teams

One of the simplest types of team to form, but the hardest to make work, the Focused Team requires care in its member selection.

Pokemon Training 141- Coverage

What is coverage?  Why do you need it?  How does a team get it?  All this, and more...

Pokemon Training 140- Team-building Basics

This is the first course in a series about building a pokemon team.  As a topic that requires a lot of thought, expect this next set of articles to be quite long- and full of ideas and information.

Pokemon Training 135C- Underpowered Varieties

There is a large group of pokemon that you might not consider using- but despite their status as underpowered, they can still be useful...

Pokemon Training 135B- Specialized Varieties

Some 'mon have a narrower focus- and you need to know how to identify them and how to figure out what to do with them.

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