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Everyone loves boost moves- give up a turn to likely save more than one turn later on, turning your pokemon into greater and greater threats.  But you need to be careful- there's a chance that those very same boosts can be turned back on you....

Knowing about the defenses of your pokemon will always pay off when you manage to scrape through a situation that perhaps ought to have knocked out a team member.  This is as important to remember in training your pokemon as it is to remember in the midst of battle.

Electric types- fast offensive pokemon that rely on a blitzkreig.  They can't take a hit, but they can dish them out.  Right?  Well, not all of them....

Pokemon Training 250: Curiosity Spotlights

In Pokemon, there are many things that are standard- but there are also elements that will break the pattern.  Be they pokemon, abilities, moves, or hold items, it pays to know what they are and what they can do for you- and what you can do about them.

Pokemon Training 207- Gimmick Teams: Hail

Hail teams are difficult to work with- but when you use one, your opponent may be left wondering what the hail is going on.

Sandstorms scour the skin, and with a team geared for it, you can scour the spirit of your opponent, leaving them beaten and abraded.

Rain falls heavily- and so, hopefully, will your foes under the torrent of attacks you can unleash in the rain.

Sunny days are fun- and so can sunny battles!

The second part of the course, 203b goes over more detail in how you can use Entry Hazards to your advantage- or how your opponent might try to use them against you.

This course contains the basic information you need to start working on your use of- and evasion of- entry hazards in battling.

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