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An article revealing the locations of all the various weapons and armor that you can find and buy throughout Dead Space 2.

An article telling all the locations of the various item schematics that you can find in Dead Space 2.

This upcoming game (Feb 22nd) promises over the top action and skill kills. The demo was fired up and tested out. Only both controllers dying saved the 360.

A guide showing all the weapons and suits, their upgrades and total nodes needed for full upgrades.

Survival Tips for those less practiced in Survival Horror Games. This one focuses on Dead Space 2.

Plants Vs. Zombies makes its debut on the Nintendo DS. With exclusive mini-games and a Wi-Fi multiplayer, this is the fun Popcap game for the DS game this month!

A look into one of Sony's Premier games, Little Big Planet 2. A game with unlimited potential!

A review on the Demo of Dead Space 2 coming out January 25th, 2011. Take this horror game for a spin and remember what it is to jump at the shadows.

An article that will cover the recent announcements and update as new characters are revealed.

A quick look into the new game, Epic Mickey.

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