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    Taran Zhu's pandaren, too.

    That flaregun is pretty dang strong.  Anyways, you find out about some guy called Ga'trul who's in charge of the operations here- and apparently is also a bit of a coward, lurking behind barricades and soldiers just so he can run away.


    Pickles, dwarves, and covert operations!  Get it?

    ...I don't either.

    It's time to head down and greet the- well, no, the Horde aren't locals here.  So perhaps greet the out-of-towners?  Not that you belong on this land anyways.....

    With your gear all set and your goal in mind, it's time to board the Skyfire and set forth into the great unknown.  You can only hope that this doesn't turn out to be another Bermuda Triangle.

    With Mists of Pandaria now in place, it behooves me to start a guide to the new expansion.  And so we begin with the questline that opens up the route to Pandaria for Alliance members.

    In which you punch a king and all remains well.  Which is kind of surprising.

    So you've chosen the alliance!  Pursuit of virtue and ideal is your goal, though it may be tainted by arrogance and self-righteousness, so be wary.

    There's one person above all who needs to be informed: the King of Stormwind.

    Ah yes, the age-old dilemma.  It really just isn't as simple as 'Who're the Good Guys', is it?

    By which I don't mean fooled.  Not even slightly.

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