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    The last of the set of quickly-gained Talent options for Death Knights is the fourth selection, one that's going to make a huge difference in your durability.

    Speed and slowness, that's the ticket- are you fast as death, or do you kill the motions of others?

    Immediately on the heels of their first Talent selection, Death Knights get a chance to make a new decision.

    With the severe Talent changes for Mists of Pandaria, it's important to have an understanding of what your selections of talent are going to mean for your function in your chosen specialization.

    The first class whose talents I'm analyzing are the Death Knights.

    Now that you've reached the Jinyu village, it's time for the official Alliance forces to step in... and nearly muck things up.  Somehow, this just isn't surprising anymore.

    You may have noticed a certain similarity of limb and body between the jinyu you're dealing with and a certain other well-known fishman race.  Thankfully, this does not seem to carry over to their society, nor is it as complete as you might initially expect.

    In addition to the profuse Hozen you have to deal with here, there's a larger hazard that the monkeys have somehow kept corralled- the massive tiger, Kung Din.

    While traversing Azeroth and the Outlands, you've encountered all sorts of races- from Aarackoa to Worgen.  It's easy to think you've seen all of them, but yet again this is proven false by your newest aid....

    Now that you've read the sunken journal, it's time to keep on until you find the Logbook- as useful as the journal is, it's not an official record, and it still doesn't hold quite enough information for SI:7.

    The Journal of A.L.W. holds a lot of information for you- what is written in it says a lot about the Horde presence here and the way things were in the shipwreck, information that bodes ill for your ventures here to find the Admiral and the Prince.

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