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    In which some departures take place, and you discover a pressing need for independence.

    Time to go talk to some fish about a friendship.

    The final talent available for Paladins grants them a new spell that changes depending on whether or not it targets (or is affecting) an ally or an enemy.

    The level 60 talent for Paladins goes a long way towards enhancing their ability to protect others and themselves at the same time, in a much less direct manner than the third talent set.

    Paladins’ level 75 talent is about powering their abilities for brief periods of time- whether through actively improving them, passively granting a chance of extra Holy Power, or actively creating a surge of Holy Power charges.

    At level 45, Paladins gain a choice as to how they want to improve their ability to protect their allies.

    Paladins’ second layer of talents are about stopping a single enemy, crippling its ability to act in some way.

    The first talent available to Paladins is all about the Paladin’s ability to move around.

    The last talent choice for Death Knights is a bit of a grab-bag, with the only commonality is that they all affect an area rather than a single target.

    The fifth Talent available to Death Knights will have a strong effect on their rate of activity, thanks to the particular influences of the options given.

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