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    At least you ought to earn -something- for doing someone else's housework, right?

    Good pandaren brew well, and oddball pandaren, clearly, brew odd.

    Cats versus dogs, whales versus squid, and now fish versus monkeys!  It's a completely natural opposition.

    Now that you've armed and armored the fishmen, it's time to help them practice.  You have experience as a teacher, right?

    With all the help you've been giving personally, the jinyu are finally willing to accept the endorsement of the Alliance itself- so it's time to go out and help them in the name of a side, rather than the name of yourself.

    You know you wanna, shot the monkey!  Shot the monkey tonight, monkey!

    It's kind of like 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe', only with less allegory, less traveling, and more shouting.  And an orc.

    It almost sounds like a bad joke, but as it turns out, it's just what's involved in Sully's part of the story.

    Are you tired of having epic destinies fortold to you about the events added in the game expansions yet?  Too bad.

    You would think that robes would just weigh you down underwater, and wooden beads would float away.  Curiously, these are still items the jinyu elder uses together... go figure.

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