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    Jade has been intrinsic to some cultures for a long time- and the pandaren are one such culture.  This may be going a bit overboard, though.

    West of town is where the nearest quests wait for you to complete them, requiring a trip through the silkwood and into the Forest Heart, where the Jade Witch can be found.  Sort of 'over the hill and into the wood, to grandmother's house we go' or something.

    Three quests with three themes wait for you near where you arrived in town, but there's also another panda at the far end waiting to give you something else to do.

    Once more unguided, it's time for that staple of all RPGs everywhere- the side quest!

    While Sully takes some blame for what's happened with the prince, you apparently get to go for a ride- to a new town, Dawn's Blossom.

    Anduin is very interested by the stories about Pandaria, even while standing on the continent itself- to the point that he makes a couple of interesting decisions, which you're going to have to cope with the fallout from.

    Everything you need here is concentrated in one place- the cave in the Den of Sorrow.

    Your meditation directs you to the location of the prince, which lets you finally go find him- and a few surprises while you're there as well.

    Now that Cho's brew is ready, it's time for you to try some- and meditate.  While drunk.  Don't ask questions!  There probably aren't any answers.

    Where you're gonna see a frog, get worked like a dog, trip on a log, go for a slog, and fight cyclopes with eyes agog as they belch out foul smog.

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