In ch. 10 you, Sully, and Elena discovered a secret entrance beneath a well in Yemen. There's only one way to find out what is down there.

Climb the ladder down, then climb the window rails, and jump down to the ground. This is the entrance to the temple. To proceed, you have to solve a PUZZLE

Open your journal to see what Francis Drake sketched on the back of the map. It will tell you how to find the entrance to the temple. The holes must be important, you have to find the right one. There has got to be another clue. Look around. You find a clue, but it's in Enochian script. Use your decoder to decipher is.

The clue is:
"The moon will show the way"

Nate is sure it is a riddle.

The moon is now marked on the map.

Locate the tile with the moon symbol and stand on it. Align the map with the room to have Nate realize which switches should be turned.

temple entrance puzzleuncharted 3 temple entrance puzzle solution

All of you pull the levers at the same time. A door opens in the wall. Enter the temple. You will get to another chamber, and one door will close and another one will open. go up the stairs of the door that opened. You will reach some sort of mechanism. But someone scattered the gears all over the room. This is another PUZZLE. To solve this COG PUZZLE, pick up the cogs and put them in their corresponding slots.

Most of the gears are scattered on the floor and are easy to get. There is one gear thats above you. Climb  the stairs, then the balcony, jump across some rails, and shimmy on a beam to get to it. While shimmying you will realize that the screen decodes the images. One looks like a cross, and the other has four circles. The same symbol is on some of these gears. The symbols seem to be rotating in opposite directions to each other.

Drop down to get the last gear and assemble them all so it looks like this:
temple gears puzzle uncharted 3

Note how circles and cross alternate. First gear from left should be big circles, second should be small cross, big circles again.  big cross, for the fifth use a small circles gear, and the last gear is a small cross gear.

Turn the wheel. The gears will start rotating. Another door will open. Enter the big chamber with floating body parts. In your journal, you will see a picture of a standing man attacking a kneeling man with a staff. You see the crouching man on the wall, but you dont see the standing man with the staff. This is a PUZZLE.

(Your journal also has various inscriptions such as "Sigillum Dei Aemeth" which means symbol of truth. Ignore this for now)

Ask Sully for his lighter and light the special torch.  It produces a beam of light and can create shadows. You have to aim it so that it creates the shadow of the standing man and the staff attacking the other man, as pictured in your journal. Hold L1 to aim torch towards wall. Place the slot at that location by pressing green triangle button. See picture below to help determine location of the slot you need to put torch in:
uncharted 3 puzzle with shadows

Uncharted 3 torch puzzle

The door will open and you will reach yet another chamber. Keep going until you reach the room with the ornate brazier.

You will be attacked by insect swarm. Press Square to sweep the torch. Elena will use her shotgun. Keep moving while sweeping the torch. Reach another door and lift it open. Hold the swarm off with the shotgun while elena tries to open door from another side. Grab the other shotgun Sully gives you.

Finally Elena manages to open the door. Go through and close it behind you.  You are now in a big room with all sorts of writings on the wall such as "Let not the world deceive thee with its beauty", "It is the dream of a dreamer, a mirage of the desert", "The cup of death will be filled for thee"

Go back through the door. Suddenly you will be ambushed. Take cover. It's Marlowe's men. There will be lots of smoke so it will be hard to see. Kill the enemies as the emerge out of the smoke cloud.

When  you have defeated all of the, Sully will help you get onto the ladder. and exit the temple.

One of Talbot's darts will hit Nate who will become violent and will start running down the streets of Yemen. You will here Talbot's voice in your head. YOu will be disoriented. You will wake up in front of Marlowe and Talbot. Kate Marlowe has your ring and the cipher disk.

Marlowe knows some secrets about your past. She knows that Drake is not your real name. She also threatens to hurt Elena if you cause trouble.

She needs your help, to find Victor Sullivan. He has the coordinates to find Iram. She tries to stir you against Sully.

Talbot will whisper into Marlowe's ear that they have located Sullivan in the other side of the city.

Run and chase Talbot through the alleys. He will throw some crates behind you, jump over them. Jump over any obstacles such as crates and merchant stands. Keep chasing Talbot. Climb up the wall after him.  He will enter a building, stay on his tail. Enter the kitchen from the open door. Jump through the roof and keep chasing him on the rooftops. At some stage local police will also be chasing you. Keep on his track. You cannot lose him nor have the police capture you or the mission will fail. Talbot will enter Hotel Al Salam. Enter after him. Climb to the upper level, then go up the stairs. Tackle Talbot to the ground. Keep chasing him. Climb to the upper street level, then descend the stairs. He will go through a gate, go around by jump  onto the rail and into the window. Keep chasing him inside a building. Jump off the balcony and through the colored glass window across. Run up the stairs. Exit into the crowded market.  Seems like you have lost him.

But soon you spot him again. jump over some roofs to catch up with him. Police will start shooting at you at this stage.

Use hangers to zip down the rope after him.

You end up in a courtyard with a fountain in it. Fight Talbot. He will grab you and push your head into the fountain trying to drown you. Tap red circle button to escape from his hold. Counter his next attack by pressing triangle. Knock him to the ground. Suddenly, one of his friends surprises you from behind...