In the previous chapter, you recovered the 2nd half of the amulet from the crypt in the Citadel in Syria. This clue led you to Yemen. You are now seen exiting from a plane in Yemen, Arabian Peninsula. Elena Fisher, foreign correspondent, welcomes you at the airport. She gives you press badges and tell you that you need to act as journalists now. Nate and Elena talk, seems they had something going on between them in the past.

Follow Elena and Sully down the alleyway. If you are trying to pick up Francis Drake's trail, you should head to the old quarter. The tower up ahead is where thr old city starts. Go through the gate. Turn left and go through another date. The police have patrols everywhere so dont arrouse suspicions. Cut through the market. The police have the street blocked off. They are not letting anybody through. But Elena knows another way around. The gate there is locked but Elena asks a merchant to open it for her. Climb the stairs. Climb the ladder, then the tin storage room. Get onto the balcony and enter the building. Climb the red stairs. Move along the corridor and climb the stairs again. Climb the ladder to the roof of the building. You will spot Talbot below. With Charlie's cutter notebook.

Tail Talbot from above.  Slide down the pipe after Talbot enters the door. Follow him in. He will ambush you and strike you then toss you from a window. You managed to pickpocket the journal, though. He will send his men after you. Fight them. Grab the vases on the stands and use them as a weapon, hit the thugs on the head with them. Defeat the big brute. More men will come after you. Knock them out and run towards Sully and Elena, down the stairs, through the Arch, and under the market. Enter through a door and hide.

You stumbled right into your secret entrance. Elena tells Sully to go talk to the Rug Merchant who is a smuggler and can get you weapons.

Show Elena the Cipher disc.

Sully will return with two shotguns, one for him and one for Elena. The merchant only had two. Lift the lid off the well.