In the previous chapter, you met up with Cutter and Chloe in the Citadel in Syria, and found the entrance to the crypt.

Go down the tunnel and squeeze down the narrow passage. Charlie is still under the influence of the Dart which Talbot shot at him, and you will get into a fist fight with him. Try to evade his punches by pressing triangle. When he grabs you, escape the grab by pressing circle. He will try to strangle you, but Sully and Chloe will come to your aid. Light a torch and keep going into the tunnel. There will be some tension between Sully and Cutter. Talbot's men will be looking for you so you better move it along.

Enter the room with the globe. You need to figure out how to get it spinning. Climb up the stairs and use your torch to light the Braziers behind the statues. Enter a corridor and light another brazier. You have to get the water flowing to make the globe spin. There is  Brazier in a platform but you'd have to jump to get to it. That's too dangerous because of the swarm of spiders thats crawling there. A better idea would be to light the brazier by THROWING the torch at it. Hold L2 while holding a torch to see where you will throw it. Release L2 to throw the torch. This will light the brazier and the insect swarm will disperse.

Now jump onto the platform. To the left, and above you, there is another Brazier. Throw the torch at it like you did before.

Then jump onto the chain, and from there to another chain and to a platform. Climb the stairs and cross the beam. Get the torch and throw it to a torch across. Jump there and go to the wheel. Have cutter get on the other crank and help you open it. The floodgate will lift and the water will flow.

Jump into the water and swim across. Turn the second crank. The globe will descend and start to spin. You should be able to rotate the globe now. The light projections might land up with the land masses. This is a PUZZLE. Use Green Triangle Button to spin the globe and get it in a way that the light shapes lay exactly on the matching continents.

Globe Puzzle solution

This will lower some chamber which has got to be the entrance to the inner crypts. Grab a torch and head in. Climb up the spiral staircase. You are looking for a knight's tomb, just like you found in France. If your hunch is right, he'll be buried with the other half of your amulet. Open the tomb and get the amulet. Talbot has the other half of the amulet from when he ambushed you at the chateau. But you were smart enough to draw a diagram of the amulet in the journal. With the inscription complete, you know exactly where to go in Yemen.

Start leaving, but there will be company outside. You were followed! you have to find another way out. Chloe feels a draft. Push through the wall. You will run into Talbot again on the outside. Cutter will suddenly aim his gun at you, still under the influence of Talbot's drug. But when Talbot orders him to shoot Drake, he turns towards Talbot  and shoots him instead. A battle now ensues.

Head for the tower. Jump onto the bridge. But cutter will be left behind. Talbot's men will beat Cutter and take the other half of the amulet from him. They will spill gas around him and light it on fire. Charlie will jump. His leg will be broken. Cutter will offer to stay behind but you are not willing to leave without him. You need to get him to a doctor. There will be a major battle now. Some of the assailants are now armed with riot shields. These will stop the bullets you fire at them. Try aiming at exposed body parts such as the head, arms or legs. Use grenades against these enemies if you have more. Or you can try to get behind them and kill them from there. Nate can also pick up a riot shield and use it himself, however while giving him good protection, it takes the place of a gun and sacrifices his mobility. Use the shield to close in on enemy positions and the switch to a automatic gun to finish them off.

Open the big door and step out. There will be another wave of armed thugs coming. kill them and keep moving, down through the open gate. Open the door at the bottom and go out the citadel. There will be a tourist bus outside. Board it. Sully will start the bus and you will drive away at the last moment.

The plan now is to get to Yemen.