(If you are just interested in the puzzle solutions, scroll down towards the end of this guide)

After making your getaway in the last chapter, you now find yourself at a house celebrating a job well done. The map you found proves it. Drake didn't screw around in the east indies for six months. He sailed straight through, and headed to Arabia. The mark is John Dee's signature, one of Queen Elizabeth's closest advisors, a great mathematician and navigator, way ahead of his time.So it was John Dee who sent Drake to Arabia. Lawrence used to be an archaeologist, and he said that if he would ever go back to Arabia it would be to search for a place he called "The Atlantis of the Sands" also known as Ubar, Iram of the Pillars,  The City of Brass... A city of immeasurable wealth destroyed by god for its arrogance, swallowed forever in the sands of the Rub al Khali desert. This is what Marlowe is after. There are clues in form of Sabean script symbols. Two sites have those symbols, one in Syria and the other in France. You send Cutter and Chloe to investigate the site in Syria, and you and Sully head to France.

In the next scene, you are driving in a jungle area in Eastern France. Get out of the car at the end of the road. Head towards to the Chateau.  There is a Ravine on the way so you have to find a different way around. Climb on the ruins and carefully walk around the cliff and enter the cave. Jump onto the ledge and exit the cavern. Cross the tree bridge and past the 1927 Auburn. Jump down and make your way along the path past the gate of the Chateau. Try the doors. Climb a pipe near the wall and climb the beam. Get to the roof and jump over to the pipe across. Make your way right to an opening in the tower. Explore inside. Drop down and shoot the lock on the window so that Sully can enter. You have to make your way through the Chateau and to the gardens. Thats where you will find the old keep. There is a beam in the way, you have to get some leverage. Help Sully lift a cabinet up. Climb it and then jump onto the staircase. Looks like the chandeliers are on some kind of pulley system. There is some kind of mechanism over there. You have to find a way across. Go along the chandelier. Then jump to the platform. Turn the mechanism to lift the chandelier, then jump onto the first chandelier then onto the second one you just lowered, then onto the platform. Get behind the beam and push it. Go through the opening. See if you can find a way to that tower. In the kitchen, work your way to the floor above. Exit towards the stairs. There will be a cutscene. You will see the square tower out the window, it matches the one in Lawrence's notebook. Go out the window. Press triangle to get through the doorway thats blocked with wooden planks.

Observe the statues and the fireplace. This is a puzzle. Lawrence made a note about something like this. Press select to open Nate's Journal. Four knights, with an axe, a shield, a sword, and a morning star. Just like the ones in this room.

uncharted 3 chateau statues

You've got to turn each knight so it's facing the right way. Adjust the knights' position to match the the direction they are facing in the journal. The suit of armor thats holding the shield should face the one holding an axe. The knight holding the axe should face the knight with the shield, and the same for the one holding the mace. The knight holding the sword should face the knight holding the axe.

Once you have solved the puzzle, the fireplace will open and there will be  a secret passage behind it. Go in.

The floor will collapse beneath Nate and you will fall some distance into a cavern. Use triangle to squeeze through the narrow corridor. Shake the spiders away and enter the water. Hold Circle to dive under obstacles. Keep walking in the water and past the waterfall. Careful of the chasm. Jump across and climb the stones that stand out from the wall. Jump towards the colored stone and climb up to the exit. Peek out. You have company! How did Marlowe's men find you? You have got to warn Sully.

Pull the man standing outside the pit into the hole. Grab his AK-47. Climb out, and sneak around through the arch. Climb the wall to the terrace. Use the statues as cover and surprise the guards there This will be a tough fight. Try to shoot from cover and avoid being ganged up on. Use the AK47 for as long as you have ammo and try to get more ammo as soon as you kill some of the thugs.  The Arm Micro is also great for close range combat. You could also try picking up a propane tank, throwing it at them and blowing it up. Keep moving alongside the building. There will be thugs shooting at you from the window, so watch out. Go through a door and you will reach a crate full of MK-NDI grenades. To aim-throw a grenade, start by holding L1. With L1 held tap L2 to throw a grenade. Keep moving, and throw grenades at the guards shooting from you on the top of the stairs. squeeze through the gap and climb the stairs. You will hear more gunfight. Sully is in trouble! Tap L2 to blindfire grenade. Blindfire  a few grenades, then go down to finish off the rest of the thugs.

Join Sully and keep killing the thugs. Use the Metal crates as cover. Some more enemies will come from the building, use grenade and auto fire to deal with them. If they throw a grenade at you, pick it up and throw it back by pressing triangle when the bar is in the white region.

Once you finish them all, make your way up towards the tower. Open the door with Sully's Help. Then go down through the hole in the floor. There will be a dead body there, one of Talbot's men. He looks bad, almost like a zombie.

Climb down the ladder. Look at the tiles - Sabaean script. Press SELECT to open Nate's Journal and look in your notes. This is a PUZZLE.

Open your journal to the page of the SEMITA SOLIS puzzle ("The Path of the Sun"). Seems to be an order to the symbols. A pattern you have to follow. The tiles depress when you step on them.

Start on the start symbol (yellow circle with half moon below it.) and then move according to the following sequence: (SEE ALSO PICTURE BELOW)

uncharted 3 puzzle semita solis

This will open a opening in the wall. Go through, and reach what looks like some sort of laboratory, an alchemist's lab. This was John Dee's Lab. You will see more Sabaean script and a message in Enochian script. Use your cipher wheel to decipher it. It reads: "The altar guards the entrance to the underworld." The altar could be hiding a secret passage. Press triangle to push. Then go down the secret passage.  Go through the tunnel and reach a door. Open it and go inside.

On the far wall there will be blocks, signifying another PUZZLE.

Use Left Stick to move the emblems. Cycle between emblems by pressing Right Stick up or down. Get each symbol to its position according to the Journal:

Eagle should be on Bottom row, middle square.
Horse should be on Second from bottom row, leftmost square.

For the other two symbols, locate the reflective floor symbols around the room. Look how the light from your torch is reflecting on the floor there. The symbol changes depending on where you're standing. Use that to figure out where the other symbols should go. The solution is:

Bull should be on middle row, fourth square (from the left)
Lion should be on fourth row from bottom, second square from left.

wall puzzle uncharted 3

A panel will open below the puzzle. Slip through the opening. Get to the tomb. There will be a cutscene. Open the tomb. There is a skeleton inside, holding some sort of amulet. Something is written on the amulet, in Sabaean script from ancient Yemen. Could be the name of a city. Hopefully Chloe and Cutter can find the other half of the script in Syria. Exit the tomb the same opening you came in.