Riddle: "Acing the chemistry test will illuminate you"
Location: Park Row, Ace Chemicals Building
Solution: Grapnel to the top of the roof, Scan Green Neon Sign

Riddle: "If you're afraid, don't be scared to crow about it"
Location: Amusement Mile
Solution: Scan Scarecrow mask (These are found in several places in amusement mile)

Riddle: "Which notorious family keeps talking trash?"
Location: Boat in Industrial District
Solution: Scan Falcone Shipping logo

Riddle: "Where can you get a wonderful view of the past?"
Location: Wonder City, Observation area
Solution: Scan Gotham City View Plate

Riddle: "Have Joker's pets laughed themselves to death or just eaten too much?"
Location: Museum
Solution: Scan display with dog wearing hat

Riddle: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, or there will be explosive consequences"
Location: Museum, display case with three skeletons
Solution: Scan display with the 3 skeletons

Riddle: "The Killer was collared, but is he now on the loose?"
Location: Beneath maintenance tunnels in east subway (use explosive gel on weakened wall)
Solution: Scan Croc's Collar

Riddle: "Do you need to look SHARP to campaign for challenge?"
Location: Bowery, near Ace Chemicals Building. Locate Quincy Sharp Election Poster
Solution: Scan Sharp campaign poster

Riddle: "Do you have Strange thoughts? Maybe you should seek help?"
Location: Park Row near bar
Solution: Scan Sign: "The  Stacked Deck"

Riddle: "Breaking new! Get out out while you still can."
Location:  Bill's Hotdogs stand, Industrial district east of crane
Solution: Scan stand

Riddle: "Arkham City is not the place to be rich or famous. Bruce Wayne has never felt quite so wanted.
Location: Near Museum
Solution: Locate entrance to Iceberg Lounge. Scan Bruce Wayne Wanted posters on the walls nearby.

Riddle: "If you're planning on making your mark in Arkham City, you'll need a special kind of realtor"
Location: Zsasz's hideout, after finishing "Cold Call Killer" Side mission
Solution: Scan business cards that say "THE BROKER real estate office property 555-1066"

Riddle: "Who's in control here? The puppet or the puppeteer?"
Location: Gotham Museum
Solution: Scan Scarface Puppet Display

Riddle: "Was this parasite ratted out, or does he continue to plague Gotham?"
Location: Industrial District,  NE of Tricorner Naval Building
Solution: Scan "Ottis Flannegan Pest Control" sign

Riddle: "The feuding families will always sit down to a good meal. Will there be a massacre?"
Location: Bowery, near bank. Find Sal Maroni's Italian Restaurant
Solution : Scan restaurant sign

Riddle: "My intellect towers above yours, Batman. I wonder if you'll ever solve this riddle?"
Location: Bowery, rooftop with unobstructed view of the Wonder Tower
Solution: Scan the wonder tower from roof.

Riddle: "Can anyone TOP the Penguin when it comes to the full VIP treatment?"
Location: Museum. Iceberg Lounge
Solution: Scan Top Hats on table near Mannequin.

Riddle: "Which acrobat family gambled with their lives, and has now been left to fly solo?"
Location: Amusement Mile near Casino
Solution: Scan poster which says "Circus Grayson"

Riddle: "Park in his spot and you may just get a ticket"
Location: GCPD Building Parking Lot
Solution: Scan parking spot that says: "Reserved Parking, James Gordon"

Riddle: "Cowboy, trilby or bowler? Hats off to anyone brave enough to try one on"
Location: Bowery, Mad Hatter's Hat Shop, Near Museum
Solution: Scan Hat Sign

Riddle: "Do you really need to hammer it home? Everyone knows Harley is stupid"
Location: Steel Mill Cooling Tunnel
Solution: Scan Mallet near Harley Quinn

Riddle: "Always a shining example of justice? Not if you ask me"
Location: Top of GCPD Roof
Solution: Scan Batsignal

Riddle: "You're a dummy if you don't try and buy one"
Location: Scarface's puppet shop in Bowery
Solution: Scan Sign above "Magic and Props"

Riddle: "This place has taken a TURN for the worse. Is it a little BEAR for your tastes?"
Location: Amusement Mile, south of GCPD building
Solution: Scan Neon Sign on Big Teddy Bear that says "Krank Co. Toys"

Riddle: "Look out! Can you see where the madness began?"
Location: Find a high spot in Amusement Mile with a good view of Arkham Island
Solution: Scan Arkham Island.

Riddle: "Would an invitation to party like the gods be a bolt out of the blue?"
Location: Gotham City Olympus Club, Amusement mile
Solution: Scan Statue of Zeus holding the blue lightning above club entrance

Riddle: "It's far from PURRFECT, but she calls it home"
Location: Near catwoman's appartment
Solution: Scan the wall under window where it says in red "CATWOMAN MUST DIE!!"

Riddle: "How do you protect yourself when it's raining bullets?"
Location: Museum Iceberg Lounge
Solution: Scan Penguin's Umbrella Gun

Riddle: "Was he frame? Or does it run in the family?"
Location: Gotham City Museum
Solution: Scan Penguin Family Portrait

Riddle: "If you find the name, does the Cash come hand in hand?"
Location: Desk in church
Solution: Scan Aaron's Cash Picture and  ID

Riddle: "DA campaign special: Get two votes, for the price of one"
Location: Park Row Harvey Dent Campaign Headquarters
Solution: Scan sign that says "VOTE HARVEY DENT CAMPAIGN OFFICE"

Riddle: "You don't want to be caught off guard in this place, do you?"
Location: Bowery, Arkham City Processing Center
Solution: Scan dead TYGER Guard

Riddle: "Can you find this cool couple before the romance thaws?"
Location: Industrial District, after rescuing Nora Fries and telling Mister Freeze. Return to where you rescued Nora
Solution: Scan Mister Freeze and Nora Fries

Riddle: "BANG! BANG! Order in the court"
Location: Courthouse
Solution:  Scan Two-Face's gun on the desk

Riddle: "Was the writing on the wall from the moment you entered?"
Location: Bowery, Eastern part
Solution: Scan plaque that says "Arkham City, opened by Mayor Quincy Sharp on the November 19th"

Riddle: "You don't have to be crazy to shop here, do you?"
Location: Bowery
Solution: Scan sigh that says "Sale On! Crazy Prices!" above gate

Riddle: "Who's crazy enough to date this guy?"
Location: Courthouse Basement
Solution: Scan jail cell of Calendar Man

Riddle: "Who can BOYLE and Freeze at the same time?"
Location: Steel Mill Cooling Tunnels
Solution: Scan Boyle Cryogenics poster

Riddle: "If she is the ROOT of evil, how could anyone be expected to CONTAIN her?"
Location: Near poison Ivy's hideout, go to where the billboard is and find floating container to the north
Solution: Scan floating container

Riddle: "I am an actor who can transform a film with the final cut. Who am I?"
Location: Near Monarch Theater
Solution:  Scan Clayface poster that says "The Terror Starring Basil Karlo"

Riddle: "Six legs went in and only two came out. Where am I?"
Location: Alley where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed
Solution: Scan signpost that says "Gotam City Crime Alley"

Riddle: "They say the more things change, the more they say the same. Which dummy said that?"
Location: Steel Mill
Solution: Scan Joker's Photo above fireplace

Riddle: "What's a funnyman without his box of tricks?"
Location: Steel Mill Boiler Room
Solution: Scan Box of Joker's Gadgets

Riddle: "Air, sea or land. It would be criminal not to use these wise guys, wouldn't it?"
Location: Near Ferris Wheel
Solution: Scan "Falcone Warehousing and Storage"

Riddle: "Brothers in arms. Brothers at war. Who's right? Who's... Left?
Location: Museum near War Room
Solution: Scan Abramovici twins poster

Riddle: "This den is where the vicious animals take your treasure. Is it theft if it's already stolen?"
Location:  Park Row to the west
Solution: Scan logo that says "TYGER Confiscated Goods"

Riddle: "Has this flower turned over a new leaf?"
Location: Poison Ivy's plant shop near Monarch Theater
Solution: Scan sign that says "Gaudelaire"

Riddle: "Once assembled these two become one again?"
Location: Steel Mill near Smelting chamber
Solution: Scan Abramovici Twins

Riddle: "Read all about it! Is this a sign of the Times?"
Location: Wonder Avenue
Solution: Scan board that says "Gotham City Times Wonder City: Shut Down"

Riddle: "Coming back from the dead is cheating on any day of the week"
Location: Subway Tunnels
Solution: Scan Mural on wall which says "The man who cheats death  Freak show Solomon Grundy"

Riddle: "Do these demonic twins pose a threat?"
Location: Wonder City Ra's Al Ghul chamber
Solution: Scan the two statues on both sides of the door

Riddle: "Wanted: Dead... and alive?"
Location:  Above Chamber of Demon, Solomon Grundy Wanted Poster
Solution: Scan the poster which says: "Wanted for Murder in Gotham North: Solomon Grundy"

Riddle: "You've been warned. People aren't the only unstable part of this city"
Location: Park Row, fence near church
Solution: Scan sign that says "Catastrophic Subsidence"

Riddle: "Board at drive-time? I'm not going to broadcast any more clues!"
Location: Subway Station
Solution: Scan poster that says "The Vicki Vale Show Weekdays 5pm-8pm 105.7 Gotham City Radio"

Riddle: "It's vacation time. Where shall I go? Somewhere venomous?"
Location: Subway terminal wall
Solution: Scan poster that says "Visit Santa Prisca"

Riddle: "Surely someone was clowning around when they qualified this person?"
Location: Steel Mill office
Solution: Scan diploma which says: "University of Gotham Harleen Frances Quinzel has successfully completed the recognize diploma "Doctor of Psychology"

Riddle: "Studies have shown that if you're not on your best behavior, you'll come out crazy. How Strange?"
Location: Bowery, to the Southeast
Solution: Scan sign which says "T TYGER INMAGE BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS UNIT"

Riddle: "This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?"
Location: Sign near casino that says "You are under close surveillance. Arkham"
Solution: Use REC on shutter to lower it. Go behind the billboard.

Riddle: "I wonder how you can land an appointment with this milliner? Perhaps it would be best to book?"
Location:  Mad Hatter's hideout
Solution: Scan Alice in Wonderland Book in Mad Hatter's apartment on the dinner table after completing Tea Party Side Mission

Riddle: "Did you hear the HOLE story of how Black Mask escaped?"
Location: Industrial District Alley
Solution: Scan Tyger Recaptured posters

Plots/Stories/vios to unlock:
Arkham Island Sold
Holding Grudges
The Cobblepot Feud
The Ratcatcher
The Mad Hatter
The Maroni Family
The Falcone Family
Compulsory Purchase
A Cold Start
Aaron Cash
A Family Business
Holding Grudges
Strange Goings On
Studying the Bat
The Abramovici Twin
Hugo Strange's Storage Vault
Seismic Disturbances
Black Mask
Catwoman and Two-Face
A Sick Plan
Killer Croc
Titan on the Streets
Buried on a Sunday
Open for Business
Talia's Guard
Wonder City
Hugo Strange's Experiments
Vicki Vale
Gordon Vs Sharp
Calendar Man
Maxie Zeus
Poisonous Intent
Election Time