After the dramatic events of the previous chapter, it is time to go save Talia and deal with the Joker. This is the Grand Finale!

Batman's Primary Objective now is to get the cure from the Joker and stop him from being Immortal.

If you remember, Talia activated a tracking device on her chest as she left with the joker. Activate the homing tracker to lock onto her signal. Follow tracker to save Talia from Joker.

You can hear radio from the command center calling all units to report in, cease attack, and return to base immediately. You have managed to stop Protocol 10.

Follow the signal to Talia. It will lead you to the movie theater, North East of the Ace Chemical Building. The area will be swarmed with, so watch out. Take care of them before heading into the theatre. Dont try to go through the front door before getting rid of the snipers, as their fire power will kill Batman if you tried. Once you have eliminated the sniper threat, enter the Monarch Theater. The movie that's playing tonight is "Joker the Immortal".

When you enter the theater, you see "The Terror" - The end - showing up on the screen. All the seats have been destroyed. Joker is awaiting you. He has a gun pointed to Talia's head. Joker asks Batman to give him the cure, which is weird since Joker already had the cure. Talia takes advantage of the Joker talking to Batman, and manages to free herself from his gun, grab the sword, and kill him despite Batman's protest. Talia has the cure, and she gives it to Batman. She tells Batman she had to save him. Harley stole the cure, and she got it back. It's over, she tells Batman.

But something doesnt feel right to Batman. He remembers how Joker tricked him with the fake Joker. He turns to warn Talia that he feels something is wrong, but it is too late. Talia gets shot.

The real Joker appears threatens Batman at gunpoint to hand over his cure. Suddenly the fake Joker suddenly gets up and turns into Clayface.

It's time for Batman to fight Clayface. This is a BOSS FIGHT.

His hammer attacks can be deadly. Try to dodge them at all costs.
Use Quickfire Freeze Blast against Clayface. Fire a lot of those, they dont do much damage but it adds up over time.
Watch for his Axe Sweeps, jump whenever he performs such attack.
Make sure to keep quickfiring the freeze blasts in between attacks, and dodging during attacks
He will also turn into a big ball and roll towards you. When he does that try luring him into the explosives for some massive damage.

When Clayface is finally down, approach him and perform a lot of quick sword attacks on him to slash him up.

There will be a second round. In this stage Clayface will be even tougher. He will have a new attack of twirling rocks. Keep dodging his new attacks while shooting more freeze blasts at him. When he does the new hammer attack, crouch and crawl underneath them to avoid them. Again, you can do the most damage by luring him to explosives when he transforms into the giant ball.

When he is out of HP, jump in and grab the sword again, slice and dice him to pieces.

Joker takes out some remote control and presses a red button, detonating dynamite that was on the theater floor. The floor collapses and Batman falls down onto a lower floor of the theater.

As Clayface begins to reassemble, tiny pieces of him start to form and get up. Slash his offsprings quickly and counter their attacks.

Clayface will rise again from time to time. Quickfire a freeze blast at him whenever you see him reform. He will Spit clay balls at you, be sure to dodge them. When he is weakend again, approach him, but this time jump into his month and slash him from the INSIDE! Rip the cure off him.  You will get the trophy "Exit Stage Right". There will be a cutscene.

Batman finally drinks the cure.

Joker says he has a date with immortality. Batman throws the sword at Joker but misses. Joker causes structures and electrical machinery to collapse on Batman. Batman falls unconscious.

He wakes up, grasping the cure. Joker begs him to give him the cure. As Batman is answering, suddenly Joker jumps on him and stabs him in the arm. That causes Batman to drop the cure and it smashes on the floor. Joker is doomed to die now that the cure is gone. Batman tells him he would have saved him even after all he has done. Joker finds that very funny and gets a good laugh, before he finally dies.

Batman comes out carrying the Joker's body. Catwoman watches from a roof. Harley Quinn is stunned.

The gates of Arkham City Open and Batman emerges. Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD are outside to take over. Gordon asks "What Happened in there?" as Batman leaves the scene.



Take on the story mode again but this time armed with every gadget and upgrade you have already collected. However, you're going to need them, as this is the ultimate challenge, with no counter icons, tough new enemy configurations, and faster, better armed enemies from the start.

IMPORTANT: New Game Plus is a separate mode accessed from the Main Menu and does NOT affect the progress of your original game. XP, upgrades, gadgets and Riddler trophies are shared between both modes.