After defeating the TYGER guards in the courtyard of the restricted area, locate the manhole on the ground and go in. You will enter the sewers in the collapsed streets. Head down the main tunnel. Drop down to a ruined room and shoot a double line launcher -first to southern wall, then in the middle of the line shoot it onto a corner to the NE.

Locate a RED ledge above you - That is where you want to be. Grapnel onto it. Shimmy to the right and reach a room with a question mark. Batarang it. Observe the weakened floor. Use explosive Gel to blast it open and jump down. Go through the door and into the Wonder Tower Foundations. You will run into Fiona Wilson, the hostage you saved the last time you entered the Collapsed Streets and Wonder City. She will tell you about Hugo Strange's guards that came in massacring everyone. They are in the next room. You tell her to keep hiding and that you will take care of them.

Go into detective mode to analyze the situation. it will say:
8 hostiles detected
8 armed
0 unarmed

All of them are armed! And they are wielding better weapons then the average inmate as they have access to the TYGER's technology. They have shotguns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. They also have heat tracking technology so they could spot you when you move between the gargoyle vantage points. They will use thermal scanners to scan all the vantage points. You must plan your attack carefully. You definitely CANNOT fight them all at once. At first, try to use stealth to silently take down the guards from behind without others noticing. Once you have been noticed, (or after Hugo tells them to "Check your numbers)" use hit and run tactics, go in for the kill, beat your target, go out immediately, and repeat. Detonate mines near them if you have the mine detonator. Use your Heat Signature Conceal upgrade if you have it when they scan the vantage points to remain invisible to them. Move very fast between one vantage point to another if spotted, so that they lose track of you. These guards are smart and will shoot the gargoyles destroying potential vantage points, making it more challenging for batman to maneuver unseen.

Use cryptographic sequencer to hack security console in front of the wonder city glass elevator. Rotate analogue sticks slowly to find the point at which the letters stop tumbling to crack the code, which is "OBSESSIONS". Once you've cracked the password the elevator will open. Hack the device inside using the same strategy. The inner elevator password is "MEDICATION". The elevator doors will close and you will start going up onto the Wonder Tower.

TYGER Guards will be waiting outside the elevator when it reaches the observation deck on the top. Their orders will be to kill anyone in the elevator. Grapple onto the roof of the elevator as soon as it comes to a stand.

Your main objective is to breach Wonder Tower Observation deck to stop protocol 10.

The guards will be looking towards the elevator entrance. Surprise them from behind and finish them off.

Take a look at the nice view, then go hack the security console nearby where it says "Danger  Do Not Enter". Password will be "SAFEGUARDING".

Go through the gate and climb onto the balcony. Then climb down. Shimmy onto the north edge of the tower. Drop onto the small platform and walk on the steel rod. Dont look down if you are afraid of heights!

Turn so that you are facing the tower, and grapnel onto the platform with the red blinking lights. Then jump onto the railing on the corner.

Walk on that railing until you reach the end of it, then grapple up to another railing. Grapnel to yet another railing on the side of the tower. Find the ladder and climb it. Be careful not to fall down the elevator shaft, as it will take you to the bottom of the tower.

Walk on another Steel Rod heading away from the tower, then traverse the tight rope. Grapnel to the next floor of the tower and hack the security console. Password is "MAINTENANCE". This will open a hatch on the top.

Move through the ducts,  until finally getting to a big room. There will be armed guards there, so instead, break hatch into outer area and grapnel to the top from the outside. Do a Ledge takedown on the guard in the balcony. There will be 5 more armed guards in the observation deck. Take them out one by one. You can try doing a grate takedown also. Hugo will alert the guards to your presence so be careful.  Defeat all of them until noone is left except you and Hugo Strange. Now it is time for you to have a "Talk" with Strange. Hack the password of Strange's Headquarters. An alarm will sound, but all the guards are out so there is noone to help him. The password is "GOTHAM SAVIOR"

Enter the control room, give Hugo Strange the beating he deserves, then contact Oracle and tell her to shut this place down. The console should now say "Protocol Ten Deactivated"

Suddenly someone will stab Hugo from behind! It's Ra's Al Ghul. Turns out he was behind all of this, and Strange was his puppet.

Suddenly Strange will activate Protocol 11. A countdown timer will begin. Wonder tower is about to blow up! Oracle will warn you to get out of there. Jump out of the tower immediately rescuing Ra's along the way, though Ra's will prefer to kill himself.

After these epic events, it is time to save Talia and deal with Joker.