In the last chapter of the walkthrough, Joker managed to outwit you in the end, and batman got trapped under some debris.  Joker was about to execute Batman, but Talia showed up at the last moment offering Joker the gift of Immortality if he agreed to spare you. Joker agreed and left with Talia.

Protocol 10 has begun. You will contact Oracle and tell her that Strange is launching missile strikes on Arkham City from Wonder Tower and that she needs to shut that place down. Joker has taken Talia and you want to go after them. But Oracle tells you she needs your help in stopping the attacks. If you go after Talia, hundreds will be killed. Alfred will join the conversation and tell you Batman can't let all these people die. You try to activate your tracking device to lock onto Talia's signal but your tracker is not activating. You ask Alfred to re-route all Wayne-Tech satellites to boost the signal but he refuses. Batman must save Gotham.

The tower is locked down. No way in without the codes. One of the choppers will be carrying the master control program. You just need to find that chopper.

Your objective is to Breach Wonder Tower observation deck to stop Protocol Ten. To do this, you must first scan the TYGER helicopters to locate the master control program.

Go about the city, scanning helicopters. Try to avoid the chopper's spotlight as you close in. You need to get close enough to the helicopter to get an accurate reading. You can try scanning from a roof if close enough, or glide and grapnel onto the helicopters and grab onto them while you perform the scan. If the helicopter spots you, it will start shooting you in which case you should use a smoke bomb and disappear. Stay still while scanning the helicopter until the scan is done. Scanner will first say "Establishing Connection" and then "Analyzing Control System". The message on the right will say "Master Control Program Not Present." in red. keep scanning other helicopters. You will have to scan quite a few of them. Eventually  you get the message "Master Control Program Located" you have found the helicopter that is carrying the master control program. Your goal now is to Retrieve master control program transmitter from Primary Helicopter. Grapnel onto it and download master control program. It will say "Downloading Master Control Program".

Radio Oracle and tell her you have the code and you are heading to Wonder Tower. The code should let you enter via the guard room near the main gate.

Your objective now is to gain access to Wonder Tower. Disengage from the chopper and head towards the waypoint. This takes you to the western part of the restricted area. Get rid of the snipers watching the area. You can climb up to their ledge and use a ledge takedown. Use Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the TYGER MCP mainframe console to open the access door.

Enter and make your way through the corridors. Use REC gun to open doors when necessary.

You will eventually reach a room with three TYGER guards watching some political prisoners. Those TYGER guards have stun sticks. You need to attack from behind to avoid being hit. One of the guards has an Assault Rifle. Evade over stun stick thugs and strike them from behind to avoid being shocked. Follow the on screen prompts to evade and strike backwards.

After you defeat the TYGER guards, suddenly Hugo Strange Appears on the screen. He will give a speech, and also at the same time send TYGER reinforcements into the courtyard. You have to wait for Strage to finish his speech before you can attack them.

There will be more guards this time, carrying weapons, stun sticks, and shields. First focus on any guards carrying a gun as they can be most dangerous. Then take out the ones carrying the stun stick, and after that get rid of any guards that are holding a shield as they can be quite a nuisance. Finish off the rest of the guards.