You get to the Advanced AR Training after completing the first four basic Augmented Reality tests.

(Note: This walkthrough is for the advanced AR challenges (2nd set of tests). If you are just starting the Augemented Reality Challenges, you should use our Basic AR Training Walkthrough)

Unlike the Basic AR training, the four advanced Augmented Reality training modules are started in different locations, and you do not have to do them in a specific order.

Advanced AR Training 1
Go North of the Steel Mill, towards the Tricorner Naval Building. The red bat symbol is on top of that orange neon sign. Go to the edge of the sign thats closest to the first green symbol. Give a good jump, then glide through the first symbol. Glide towards second symbol, then dive down clearing that one and the next symbol. As you approach the green symbol in front of the tunnel, break out of dive and enter glide mode. Time it correctly so that you will go through the green symbol and into the tunnel. Glide carefully through the tunnel watching out not to touch the floor too much, since if you abort the glide the mission will fail. Go through the last green symbol at the end of the tunnel.

First Symbol: Jump + Glide
Second Symbol: Glide + Dive
Third Symbol: Dive + Glide
Fourth Symbol: Glide

Advanced AR Training 2
This one can be found in the Bowery. Locate the building with the Gargoyle and go to the red batman symbol on top of it. This is where you will start your AR challenge

Jump and Glide towards the first symbol. Then as soon as you touch it, disengage glide and dive towards 2nd symbol, breaking the dive as you are about to hit the bottom and switching to gliding. Glide towards the 3rd symbol being careful not to lose height and touch the ground. Adjust gliding direction a little left or right as necessary but not too sharply. Then turn and keep gliding towards last symbol.

1st Symbol: Jump & Glide
2nd Symbol: Dive & Glide
3rd Symbol: Glide
4th Symbol: Glide

Advanced AR Training 3
To get to this one, head to the industrial district then go North. Then locate the GCPD building and climb on the roof to the south to reach the red bat icon  on top of the crane, which symbols the starting location for this training module.

This one has only 3 waypoints.

Jump and Glide downwards toward the first symbol. Then Dive and sharply turn and glide into 2nd symbol. Glide horizontally through to the 3rd symbol.

1st symbol: Jump & Glide
2nd symbol: Dive & Glide
3rd symbol: Glide

Advanced AR Training 4:
This one takes place in Park Row. Locate the building with the red glowing letters " H ELA ENTIN"
Locate the Gargoyle with the red bat symbol on it. You will start this advanced training test from there.

Jump quite far to get to first symbol and dive as soon as you hit it. Dive down a short distance to go through second green batsymbol. Dive and sharply disengage into glide after falling a short distance, taking you through the 3rd symbol. Then last part is the easiest, go under the bridge glide  horizontally towards the fourth symbol which is big and easy to hit.

1st Symbol: Jump + Dive
2nd Symbol: Dive
3rd Symbol: Dive + Glide
4th Symbol: Glide

When you finished all four advanced challenges, you should see:
Side Mission: Batcomputer Update
AR Navigational Training Completed
You have earned a trophy: AR Knight
Character Trophy Unlocked: Batwing

Congratulations on completing all the AR training challenges!!