You are now on the roof of Ace Chemicals after having gotten into the batsuit. You are now Batman!

You tell Alfred that you took an encryption key from a TYGER guard and that you will hack into their communications. Follow the on screen instructions to Tune and to decode broadcast.

Tune onto the signal on the top right corner to hear a TYGER broadcast calling all units confirming that Prisoner 4011 is in the courthouse - Catwoman is in the courthouse. She is in danger - being held by Harvey Dent (Two Face) who intends to kill her. But Hugo Strange is not intervening. It will be up to you to rescue her.

A new primary objective is unlocked:
Save Catwoman from Two-Face

Run off an edge to glide.

Locate and enter Two-Face's Courthouse. Location should be added to the map.

Access your map and you will see the locations of the main objective (Green Exclamation Point) and your current location (triangle). Also, on top of your screen there will be a compass with a green exclamation icon telling you the direction you need to go.

Fight and defeat any inmates that attack you along the way.

Once you reach the courthouse, glide down and perform a glide kick.

Head towards the front door of Solomon Wayne Courthouse and open it. Go in. There will be some locked door which you cant get in. Find the stairs, and climb them. You will soon see Harvey Dent through a glass window running a "Trial" for catwoman.

Climb the ladder.

Take out the thug with the gun. Without him, the rest of the room won't be a problem. Get behind him and use a silent takedown to take him down.

Walk on the wire across the court.

Drop down for a Drop Attack.

Defeat all of Two-Face's henchmen

Then you suddenly get shot and knocked down by Two Face. There is a cutscene as he almost kills catwoman. But then you both overcome him

Ask catwoman about protocol 10. She will tell you about Professor Strange and Joker

This will unlock a new primary objective:
Interrogate Joker to Uncover Protocol Ten