"Wakey-wakey, Wayne!"

After getting knocked unconscious by the Penguin's men in the courtyard, you now awaken to his voice.

The Penguin hits you some, but then suddenly you grab and twist his hand.

His men attack you. Fight them. You will break free of your handcuffs during this fight.

You will get a new primary objective:
Climb to higher ground to contact Alfred.

Before leaving the area, make sure to give the Penguin one last beating for revenge.

Climb the ladder near the dumpsters. Then run and jump towards the ductworks. When you reach high ground contact Alfred and ask him if he got your location. He will say there is interference. You will tell him you need an immediate drop on the roof of the Ace Chemicals Building.

Primary Objective:
Climb to the top of the ACE chemicals building to collect your equipment.

Go towards the glowing letter E. Jump the gap towards the ledge to catch hold of it. Then shimmy along until there is space to climb up. You might have to crouch to clear some of the obstacles.

Hang from the edge and climb down. Shimmy then climb back up in the opposite side.

Get to the Ace Chemicals roof to collect your drop. Its time to SUIT UP!