Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 12 – Lower Blighttown

You must make your way down the series of ladders slowly after the initial set. Just below you will find some new enemies which love to breathe fire on you given the chance, the crag spider. Taken on one at a time they are easier to beat but once more than a pair show up you are in for a very hard fight. A little ways down (about 3 ladders or so) you will encounter a blowdart sniper the next level down with a pair of crag spiders. Work your way down lower to eventually reach the swamp itself.

At this level is where things get much harder. You have a number of leeches hidden in the water and this will make reaching the bonfire at this level You need to plot the path going from one patch of land to the next along the right-hand side. If you continue past the bonfire you will find a chest with a Dragon Scale inside it.

Head to the opposite side of the area to find some interesting armor. The Tattered Cloth set. Opposite that you will find a leech and near that is a Large Proud Soul. Now head out of that large alcove to the left. Hug to the dry land on the left-hand side. You will find another weapon, a great club, with a few leeches nearby. Now head back to the other side. You will find a water wheel at the top of the nearby ramp. There are a lot of Blowdart Snipers in the area so try to pick them off with arrows if possible. Otherwise you need to rest up at the nearby bonfire.

At the top of it you will find another area of the Upper Depths. Here you will find a Fire Keeper Soul and a Proud Soul to the left. To the right you will find the Crimson Armor Set. Make your way back to the swamp part of the Depths. Now head to the right. You will want to search around a bit to find some Large Titanite Shards in the surrounding area guarded by leeches. Keep going forward from there to reach your next destination: Quelaag's Domain.

If you want to potentially avoid the Boulder Barbarians, head across the swamp from the Waterwheel slowly. When you reach the further jut to the right, before the Boulder Barbarians there, head to the right across the swamp. From there keep to the left-hand side and you will easily find yourself there with minimal risk of poison and damage.