Before the next map starts, you will be given an option to select your Dynasty Traits.

Click on the traits you want to use.

We had the following traits presented:
Supply Wagon - The Hero starts the game with an extra 5 wood and 5 ore
Gambler - The hero is awarded a Tarot deck at the start of the map
Heritage - The hero starts the game with an extra 2500 gold

I recommend you choose the supply wagon, as you will be doing lots of building in this quest and need all the resources you can get! Second choice would be the 2500 gold.

Note the legendary sword you got from Sveltana for completing the previous map - The Sword of the Griffin. Dynasty Weapons are legendary artifacts that gain experience when you equip them and unlock new powers. They can only be used when the online mode is active. All of your heroes can share your collected Dynasty Weapons through your Dynasty Vault.

Wielding the Sword grants you the secondary quest: Get Attuned to the Sword of the Griffin. (The quest can only be completed if online mode is on). Th objective in this quest is to unlock the level 2 ability of the sword of the griffin, and you will get 1500 experience reward.

homm6 emperor's will

Enter the Mausoleum and see the choice of buildings you can build. For your first building, it is recommended you build the Priori to have access to healing units.

Make sure to recruit all the units and transfer them to your army before leaving the Mausoleum.

Review the abilities tab of your hero and spend any ability points if any. The Heroic Abilities tab allows you to review your hero specialization, class abilities, and faction abilities. You have access to Might Abilities or Magic Abilities. The Magic Power of your Hero increases the strength of your Magic Abilities, and the Might Power of your Hero increases the strength of your Might Abilities. Slava is a Might hero so it is better to choose a Might ability for him.

Before starting on the first quest, check if there are any friendly units nearby that you can recruit. Then go back to the castle after another turn has passed and this time build a Loophole tower to get access to crossbowmen. Recruit the crossbowmen and drag them into your army.