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Gamer Juice: Health and Mana Potions
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 03/7/2009
A review of the Gamer Specific Energy Drinks: Health and Mana Potions.

    Pretty much a side note to the whole experience of the convention, was the exposure to products being marketed toward gamers. Technically one thing (while really two), was finding out about an energy drink being sold in select comic stores and other gaming related locations, Health and Mana potions. It was very interesting to see something like that, even at a convention where its easy to find thing some of the more eccentric things that gamers are interested in, finding something like Health and Mana Potions was just a big surprise. Talking with the distributor a bit got me to buy one of each to try them out (at $3.50 each). I learned that they were both different flavors, one very different than what one would expect from little red and blue energy drinks. It’s important to note though, it’s something subjective, while I personally enjoyed them, not everyone will. Take the following as a recommendation only.

    The red one, the Health Potion, I was told was Apple Cinnamon. A few days later I finally tried it. I was surprised at just how good it honestly was. Apple provided the base sweetness while the cinnamon rounded it out in the after taste with its tanginess. This one I intentionally rationed out though, as I did enjoy the flavor. While small, this was a concentrated drink, almost syrupy in texture, but maintained to fluid ease for drinking. The blue one was something more typical, something of a berry taste, to me, very close to just sipping at an otter-pop. I will say though, while I didn’t like it as much, it was still at least enjoyable. Much more this one would be up to preference.

    Deserving of its own little paragraph is potency. While small (1.69 fluid ounces), these things aren’t to be under-estimated. Each reportedly, and I can confirm, is at least worth 2 Red Bulls. This is the main reason for the texture of the drink, it’s fairly concentrated. In a way, this adds to the realism of these being their respective potions. In game, these potions are drunk quickly (or take a standard action), not really interrupting the flow of the game. Just like their digital kin, these are quick to drink (though I’d recommend against it, as they are tasty and somewhat expensive) and honestly do let just enjoy the potency of 2 Red Bulls. These certainly would make good prizes in tournaments or as something found in more Gamer and kin focused retailers.

Mana and Health Potions

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