Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Kasugayama High School Contact Guide

In Persona 2, much like the first game, you can make Pacts and deals with the Demons that you fight. By doing this you can gain Tarot Cards you need to summon new Personas as well as various items. This series of guides is meant to cover making contact and how to form Pacts and receive Tarot Cards.

Happy: Michel – Discuss Life: Medicine
Eager: Tatsuya – Do Impressions: Magician Cards

Happy: Tatsuya + Maya (After the Bomb Shelter): Aques Card
Eager: Ginko – Dance: Moon Cards

Happy: Tatsuya – Persuade: Garu Card
    Michel – Discuss Life
Eager: Michel – Self-Promotion: Judgment Cards

Happy: Maya – Consult: Medicine
Eager: Michel – Take Control: Chariot Cards

Happy: Yukki – Talk w/ Fists: Bufu Card
Eager: Tatsuya – Do Impressions: Strength Cards

Happy: Ginko – Dance: Agi Card
Eager: Yukki – Take Photos: Hanged Man Cards

Happy: Tatsuya – Impressions: Agi Card
    Michel – Discuss Life
Eager: Ginko – Seduce/Dance: Star Cards

Happy: Tatsuya – Do Impressions: Open Sesame
Eager: Tatsuya – Discuss Manliness: Lover Cards