Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Hugh Darrows eBook Locations

While there are a number of books that can be found and read inside the game it is only these that give an experience reward for doing so. In total there are 19 of these eBooks scattered throughout the game. Most of these you will have multiple chances to get.

Jensen's Apartment – Chiron Building – On his nightstand

Detroit Police Department – Morgue – On the Mortician's desk.

Seurat's Apartment – Northern most apartment building 2nd floor – Enter via Fire Escape. It is on his bed.

Surgical Chop Shop – Western most apartment building 2nd Floor – On desk by computer behind secure door.

Greg Thorpe's Apartment – Southern most apartment building – On an end table with a lamp by the couches.

Derelict Row – In the room below the transmitter in.

LIMB Clinic – Back Hallway

Sarif HQ
Pritchard's Office – On the desk next to Pritchard when you come in to get your retinal display fixed.

Office 25 – On the desk

Office 27 – On the table by the filing cabinet

Sarif Manufacturing
Manager's Office – On the desk just in front of the door where you will be encountering Zeke Sanders

Factoring Labs F1 – In the security room, underneath a cardboard box sitting by some grey crates.

Detention Camp - 4th basement near the end of the level. Slip into the cafeteria and look for a locked door. You will find it on a table inside.

Hengsha Island
The Hive – Bobby Bao's desk on the first floor. This is a secured area so a bit of hacking is needed to get in. It is on his desk by the computer.

The Hive – Inside Tong's Office in the basement. Accessible via a conversation with Tong while bartending.

Alice Garden Pods – In Pod 143 on the 3rd floor. You will find the book on the bed.

Lower Tai Young Medical – In a high vent, near the elevator to the Upper Tai Young Medical. You will find it beside a corpse

Upper Tai Young Medical – In the Lee Geng Mormorial Laboratory, which is very near the start of the Upper Tai Young Medical area. In the center of the room on a box under the workbench.

Upper Tai Young Medical – IN the hangar, before you make your escape, in the southwest corner. It is a desk beside a computer.

Locked Broadcast room – After escaping the ambush via elevator look for a staircase going to the 4th floor. You will find a locked broadcast room. Inside there by a wall painting, on the desk below it, is the book.

Detroit (Second Visit)
Convention Center – Backstage in the corner beside the coffee maker. There are also some security guards in this room watching TV.
*Be sure to get this book before talking to Taggart else you will miss this book.

Sandoval's Office – After you confront him in the sewers be sure to investigate his desk to find this book.

Harvester Hideout
Autopsy Room – Bottom floor in the northwest part of the map. The book is sitting on a desk with two computers, one of which has a blue screen.

Omega Ranch
Cold Storage Room – On the second floor, near the elevator you will find this room. It is on a workbench.

Megan's Office – In the safe.