Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough Part 12 – The Hive Part 2

Walk on forward and hit the webbed corpse for some ammo and bombs. In the next part of the room there are a fair number of these corpses. Hit them to restock or to change up what you have with you. Go around the pit and to the far side of the room. You'll find a door you'll want to head through. On the otherside you'll encounter an Octobrain. Fire bullets at this thing then keep going. Stay along the ledge and you'll encounter two more Octobrains. Head through that door and shoot the glowing things inside the next room. Next walk over to the right and jump on the bounce flower.

Keep along the path you find. You'll encounter a locked door close to where you land, keep it in mind Go to the left and forward to find a door you can open. Hop over to the big root that you can see off to the side. Climb the root and jump onto the rock ledge in front of you. Keep along the path and head through the open door. You'll be in a room with several trapped Octobrains. At the fair end you'll find a pile of explosives and a corpse with a shotgun. Restock your explosives then throw a pipe bomb at the bounce flower and set it off after it lands (or in about 10 seconds). The glowing bug will roll on by and the octobrains will start trying to get out. One will at the far end. Kill it then push the glow bug on through the door and to the left. Two more will break free as you roll the bug along. Once the bug goes over the small ledge in there you will be attacked by three octobrains. Push the glow bug to the left after that and through the door. It will roll to where it needs to go. Just head back to the closed door which will open now.

Head on through and down the sloping path. You'll find a bounce flower you'll want to jump onto. Head on up the path and keep following it. Still be aware of some hazards as you move along. Open the door on the far side and keep moving on. You'll eventually find yourself in a large room with lots of women who are better off dead, pregnators and octobrains. Once every alien in the room is dead, head to the far left wall and you'll find a door that you can go through. Hop down the ledge to finish up this area.