Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough Part 10 – The Duke Dome Part 2

Head up, through the container then continue up the slope. You'll find another container on the far side of the little gulley. One has a ladder on it. Climb up that and to your right you'll see a contain with lots of red barrels in it. Shoot them a few times to get them explode. This will drop some heavy barrels into the gulley below. Grab them and bring them into the farthest cargo container and throw them at the far end. You need to have 3 barrels in there for it to be in right spot. After that, climb up the ladder, jump onto the contain you just weighed down and cross over to the scaffolding. Head on forward.

Kill the two assault captains who made off with the twins. After that, head up the slope and get onto the crane. You'll see a red ladder next to the operator's cab, climb up that and across the crane's arm into the building under construction. Head to the far side and you will see a cargo container that's suspended. Inside are a number of red barrels, shoot them. Below you is a truck with a pair of RPGs inside it. Grab one if you want to blow up a gunship soon (recommended) then head over to the ladder that's behind the second steel pillar to the right of the truck. Take that up. Now keep moving upwards in the structure, using the ramp and cinder block pile. You'll be attacked by a gun ship after you grab the battery. If you have the RPG, unload it and grab the second RPG that is nearby to finish off the gunship. Get back to ground level and go through the open gate that's near the truck and find your way back to the crane. Take it and smash the wrecking ball repeatedly into the building that's to your left. Aim for the white cement part and just watch the aliens get smashed and fall to their death. Once the wrecking ball falls off, get the crane arm near the hole that you made. Cross the scaffolding and it will break on you, plummeting you to the next part of the game.