Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough Part 6 – The Lady Killer: Part 2

Drive to the right and under the shutters. You'll want to make it to the far side, preferably without having to kill the aliens. If you get stuck in the car, you might have to simply to live. Go for the fleshy bits if you have to shoot. Head under the far shutter and get to the next. You'll have to leave the RC car behind at this point. Hop out and crouch under the shutter. Jump up the boxes right in front of you onto the Roulette Craps Table. You'll get some ammo on the way, very helpful. Head down it to the left. Go to the far right edge and hop onto the cases and cross them to reach the next table. You'll bounce on the red chairs so just keep your target table in sight. Walk across the second craps table then climb up the stairs of chips and hop onto the second red chair to get to the next table. Go left on this table and hop onto the couch to get bounced into the planter behind it. Kill the two mice that are waiting for you there and make to the left. From there, hop to the smaller planter nearby the glowing switch. Use that and you'll be in the clear to get the RC car through.

Line up and turbo across the poster by that first roulette table. Turn left and turbo across a second gap, smacking an alien in the face on the way. Keep going straight under the shutters and turn left. You'll have to dodge a Pig Cop in this room, but take that left near the exchange gate and you'll see a poster ramp you need to turbo across. Now go right and keep going down this corridor. Try to avoid the pig cops as they can hurt you a lot. If you hit their leg, you'll stun them briefly. After you make a sharp right, hit the turbo and launch across the gap using the poster ramp. The RC car will crash, it had a good run.

You'll be asked to raise the gap so you can help with the girls and get returned to normal size. You'll see a push cart to your right. Push it all the way to the left. Turn to your left and go up the poster ramp you see behind you leaning onto the couches. Cruise over to the girls and step on the glowing particle expander to be returned to normal size. Step forward and break the glass and grab the shotgun.

When you do, you've got company you need to deal with. Give them a buckshot massage courtesy of your shotgun. Be sure to nail the one on the ground first. There a good number of them so keep on your toes as these Assault Captains can teleport around. Keep moving with your back to the wall to take them down easiest. Once the girls are happy they're safe, one more teleports in. The real problem is they grab the twins. That is a true act of war.

Head over to the shutter that was blocking you in and force it up. Head back down that corridor and you'll find a small number of pig cops waiting for you, one by one. Kill them either with your guns or the vases nearby. The vases will give you a nice chance for some executions, so try this on the higher difficulties. Go down the open parts of the corridor. When you make it back to the slots room, your in for a solid fight. A number of pig cops will attack followed by wave of Flying Assault Captains then a mixed wave of both.

After all the battling, you can get some Ego by taking the slot machines to town and winning some money. Once you get what you want, head over to the glowing shutters and force them up. Simply walk through the next room. In the follow room, you've got a number of Captains and Pig Cops to kill. Just keep at it. After they're all dead, go to the far side of the room and open up the next shutter. Head down the hall to the pit in from of you. Go over to the far right side where a bit of it is raised and you can jump across with ease. Keep going down the hall to reach the next part of the Lady Killer Casino.